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    Egyptian text from the Late period describing the Golden Era.

    The divine ones created the Sun.
    Perfection was established in their time.
    Truth came forth from heaven in their days.
    It united itself with those who were on earth.
    The land was in abundance, bodies were full.
    There was no year of hunger in the Two Lands.
    Walls did not fall; thorns did not pierce in the time of the primeval Aliens.
    There was no unrighteousness in the land,
    No crocodile seized,
    No snake bit in the time of the First Aliens.

    These passages reflect the thoughts of peoples long ago, they all believed in a period of time that preceded them of a Golden Age when IEUE was the Enki of earth and suffering did not exist.
    IEUE is the correct phonetic pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton without adding any letters to it, it is what it is.
    People have attempted to make a name from the tetragrammaton and every single name whether it be Yahweh or Jehovah or any other is false, it is a name, His name is IEUE.
    The title Enki is actually a little more complicated as we have Sumerian passages where Innana speaks of her father Nanna as the Enki. Like wise titles like Baal and Enlil can also be complicated when Ninurta claimed that he is the Enlil. Marduk is also questionable as many writings speak of Nergal as being the leader of the Igigi the founder of Ninevah, the Ashur, the partner to Asherah. Yet Sitchen has claimed that it was Marduk who led the Igigi in their fall from the heavens. Getting to know the characters in these epic tales aids in understanding who is who, what happened and who is leading the world today.
    Did Maduk marry an earth woman and then eat people like the Baal, it does not make much sense.
    If IEUE was Ptah did He create mankind from his own genetics and then eat them as well, does not make any sense.
    It appears that IEUE is always left out of the memory of earths history or demonized as the Satan.
    After the death of Dummizid Innana was supposed to have a child by Marduk according to the protocols of the Annuna.
    As Innana and Marduk where complete enemies this was not going to happen, it was Nergal who crossed the floor siding with the Enlilites and took part in the destruction of Ur along with Ninurta, did Nergal become the Marduk of earth?.
    Many questions are unanswered and can not be known until we at least put these questions onto the table to be discussed.

    God is the Arcadian name of the whore of Babylon the Roman Lucifer

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