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    I don’t really know how to work this…check! Check 1,2!
    Speaking of check, check this out! Is it not so far-fetched to think of this Earth that our physical bodies were created on, as a reflection of how we are made? Does our planet connect to source as well? To take that further, I would like to compare how our energy flow can be a reflection of how our planet exists as well. Is that too far- fetched?
    So, in this video today when APPLE was mentioned in reference to Earth, it made me think of an image similar to this. I attached it as Exhibit A! To take that even further, I was speaking to a friend who has better knowledge of how expansive our chakra systems can go! But check it out, let’s expand from there. Is it not even further of a fetch to think that (in the picture Exhibit B)If you look at this picture you will see how it breaks down the 33 vertebrae and how they connect with emotions that connect with the chakras) In my lovely opinion lol, I can also see how this could break down even further. Does it not make sense that the vertebrae is connected? THAT IS THE MEANS BY WHICH OUR BRAIN COMMUNICATES WITH THE REST OF OUR BODY! Our brain needs to access these different parts of our body via communication through the nervous system. Makes sense. Anyhow, take a look at the 33 elements necessary and what need to be balanced in order for us to achieve our ultimate balance! But, what happens when these things are off balance? I have to admit that I’m still trying to fully understand this chart. Because, do you notice that grounding is obviously at the bottom but its number 10? I can see all of these things happening in a different order as well. Obviously, it would be specific to a situation. Whatever is off or being addressed is what would be activated, I think. Then, I was thinking…what is it that would show the Earth to be grounded? How would I compare this with what I know about the Earth? Well, this would be at the poles…am I wrong? Can’t have the crown chakra open without the root…well further than that according to Exhibit A! Earth goes through seasons…Seasons change and so do I! (Jammin out in my head now lol) But, there are these tilts in the axis that create the seasons. So, what happens when that shift is thrown off? How big of a shift would it have to be to create an impact? Did you know that there is a thing as a celestial equator? Ya, here’s the Wikipedia jazz on it, ” The celestial equator is a great circle on the imaginary celestial sphere, in the same plane as the Earth’s equator. In other words, it is a projection of the terrestrial equator out into space.[1] As a result of the Earth’s axial tilt, the celestial equator is inclined by 23.4° with respect to the ecliptic plane.

    An observer standing on the Earth’s equator visualizes the celestial equator as a semicircle passing directly overhead through the zenith. As the observer moves north (or south), the celestial equator tilts towards the opposite horizon. The celestial equator is defined to be infinitely distant (since it is on the celestial sphere); thus the observer always sees the ends of the semicircle disappear over the horizon exactly due east and due west, regardless of the observer’s position on Earth. (At the poles, though, the celestial equator would be parallel to the horizon.) At all latitudes the celestial equator appears perfectly straight because the observer is only finitely far from the plane of the celestial equator but infinitely far from the celestial equator itself.” Cool, huh? I still can’t picture how at the poles, the celestial equator is parallel to the horizon…But, hey, I can only comprehend so much at a time lol! Speaking of, go back and look at Exhibit A now. Notice that it corresponds to the way this Celestial Equator is described in some ways? An example is, “The oval- horizontal lines around the body are the electro-magnetic wireless currents which give tone to the circular fibres of the muscles. They correspond with the currents from East and West in our atmosphere.” So, back to imbalance, What if too many things are off balance? Does that not cause a pole shift in our energy? The Earth’s energy? And if that shift is not balanced…ultimately, we experience a rebirth in some form or another? How extreme the rebirth depends on our choices. The Earth will recycle as it always does. The Earth has rebirths as well… But, that’s not to say that we can’t turn things around beforehand! Love heals and the Earth needs to feel that too! It lives too! Of course, the things that we are doing to it are clearly speeding up the process! I personally believe that if we heal ourselves, empower ourselves, work our jedi mind skills to co-create awesomeness, we’ll at least get that started and it will become like a ripple effect…The love will just pay itself forward whether we intend it or not. Love is the highest form of intelligence. Love knows what to do. WE are the answer.In my lovely opinion lol…
    Thank you for this platform yo!!! I appreciate it very much! Still learning how to use this b-quote, img, ul, ol, li code, close tags bizz…

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