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    Interesting…I was brought up in a middle-class, Catholic family…super normal…super loving…and I always questioned from a young age why it said in the bible that we were created in “OUR” image, not “MY”…of course I would continually get the same answer…because the “OUR” means the trinity…Father, Son, Holy Spirit…their interpretation, definately not one I would accept…so I started looking for answers myself and by the time I was a teenager, I really delved into the realm of the metaphysical…starting with a book called, “Chariot of the Gods,” and then devouring every other book, article, online video, lecture, etc…regarding ancient mythology, archeology, sociology, linguistics, religion…that I could sink my mind teeth into to try to connect the dots to a bigger picture. What I’ve found is 1. We have been lied to; 2. the same people / beings that started the Sumerian culture are still in power today as they took control of the prevailing civilizations, ie, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe, America, throughout history…I believe that these beings came from the devastation of the floods that impacted the high cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria…with the ego-centered, power-hungry, survivors setting up camp in Mesopotamia…while possibly the surviving religious sects, that were still working in the light…settled in China…Indonesia…India…South America…etc…and they are also still here. These beings probably originated from other planets, for hundreds of thousands, probably many millions of years, to observe, experiment, document, follow, interact, teach and whatever else you do when you go to another planet where you find yourself to be more advanced than the organically grown species. Included in these excursions would be DNA manipulation, much like they do now in scientific labs all over the world and God knows wtf they are doing in the underground secret facilities. If you follow David Wilcock on Gaia TV, he has 2 wonderful series that go into all this in detail…Wisdom Teachings and Cosmic Disclosure, as well as all the amazing information Rex puts out here for all of us to intelligently discuss and share with each other…so thanks Rex…you are awesome…so glad I found your channel…keep doing what you’re doing and obviously you deal amazingly well with the haters…you are so sweet to them…I love it…lol…haters gonna hate though…so glad you keep your wits and your good mojo flowing…it cracks me up…which leads me to 3. Laugh, have fun, live in the moment, discover what’s out there, open your mind because like it or not, we are more than just flesh and blood. We have interdimensional DNA that beams our soul into this temporary body and there is a divine creator behind the whole big illusion / hologram which has a greater plan that any of us can conceive. It’s all pure experience, good or bad. There is no evil, unless you believe in evil, which is really just a perception anyway. We are all eternal. We are all divine. If you don’t learn it in this lifetime, you will in the next. The most important thing we can do is love one another. Be kind. Help someone in need. Pray for someone who needs a prayer. Learn all you can. Send love into the Universe to all beings, big, small, from Earth, or beyond. Give thanks every day. Seek the truth. Seek yourself. Meditate and go to the “NO” Thing and there you will find “EVERY” thing…cause it’s all within you. I send love to anyone reading this. You are me and I am you. We are all in this together so follow your heart, get educated, do your own research, and do what makes you feel ALIVE and INVIGORATED! Support people like Rex who does what he loves and shares freely with everyone to create a new kind of community. We are all magic. We can all open portals inside and outside of ourselves. Even being brought up Catholic, I don’t trust any of the things we’ve been taught in church, in our schools, at our workplace, etc…it’s all B.S. I seriously don’t even know if I buy into the whole Lucifer/Satan thing. It’s crazy to find out how deep the freaking rabbit hole goes when you jump down into it! Free yourself from the matrix and wake up people! We are entering the 2nd part of the 26,520 year cycle coming out of a 13,000 year masculine reign of war, greed, competition, ego, anger, and we are 900 years into the 13,000 year cycle of Divine Feminine energies of joy, compassion, empathy, gratitude, beauty and unconditional love for ourselves and others. Help bring it in by increasing your own vibration, your own capacity for love, and then share it with the universe. Great changes are coming. Mother Earth is waking up. Have a pure heart and no harm can come to you, ever. Sleep well and have magical dreams. Together, we can usher in a new age of peace and harmony, laughter and creativity. See you on the astral plane. Namaste peeps.

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