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    I’ve loved Rex’s work. This is a postulation on a Scenario that I have had after reading so so many Prophecies and ‘Alien’ reported discussions. It’s opinion and postulation.

    So here it goes, in 2020 with the approach of Nemesis, President Trump will activate the Space Force to rid the USA of the Aliens at Area 51.

    Why ?

    Well they have been eating people apparently and doing horrible things so why not ask them to leave and if they don’t try to blow them out.

    There is more to this. It’s said that the Roswald Event saw an “Alien Treaty” signed between the “Aliens” and the President of the United States.

    In exchange for Technology, a certain number of people were allowed to be ‘processed’.

    This time is coming to an end. The United States really is approaching the strength to be able to ‘repel’ these wrongdoers and send them back to the planet they came from.

    So why wouldn’t the United States not have an Alien War ?

    Trump has Authorised a new Space Force.

    My postulation is that 2020 will see a War take place internally within the United States around Area 51 that will see FEMA being very busy offering camp beds resting spots.

    It’s a very surprising Left Field Postulation about 2020 but something a lot of us can feel coming.

    Disclosure will be when Area 51 is poked like a Bee Hive and eventually cleaned out bringing damage to the Stock Exchange and various other Financial Systems.

    Discussion ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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