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    In part one, The Other Deep State — Public Sector Unions in NY & CA – Another Cause Behind Impeachment and Attack of Trump, I indicated that New York was losing hundreds of thousands of people, mostly those earning solid incomes, and those of child-bearing age.

    California is losing population, as well, along with a few other “blue states”; but we are going to concentrate on New York, because the population loss in the Empire State is the greatest in the nation.

    New York is overtaxed, over-regulated, and disastrous for business. Small business, the cornerstone of capitalism, is virtually disappearing here. New York has the highest property taxes, school taxes, gas taxes and more. Yet, it also boasts the fewest opportunities for young people.

    Why stay??? The government doesn’t care about you. It cares about its constituents and those that will keep them in power.

    New York State, Overtaxed, Over-Regulated, Disastrous for Business, in Dire Need of Immigrants to Stem Population Loss and Vote Democrat

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