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    Good morning to all and thank you for this forum,

    We saw you have posted on youtube a video on the Wellsfargo outages. We like to help further in this investigation as we too have been investigating it since December and the Centurylink outage along with power outages. We found that a breach was done on centurylink from a location in china and was a bgp hijack. This allows a hacker to obtain and act as the full range of the networks ips, this further makes it possible for the hijacker to obtain user info that is incoming and inject and cause exploits of a execute nature with no security risks.

    we warned of this in January after the centurylink/wapa hijack and told others that more than likely there were backdoors to this and will happen again, and need to ask questions to media what was going on with the FCC and HSA investigations due to the fact that centurylink runs the network for the DOD called dren 3

    We ask you do the same here is our findings video from January

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