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    Here is a video that covers the different forms of weather modification from the ground. To be honest, this is something that I hadn’t even know was being done until recently. I came across this video on accident actually! So, I came across this video about 2 weeks ago. If you take a look at it, check out what the clouds of chemicals look like (this is in a different language/only some is in English, but I just want you to see it):

    Here is another video with details about how NASA does weather modification from the ground.
    (Use discernment when watching this one lol They say that it’s only clouds mixed with hydrogen and oxygen lol)

    Then, compare the way the clouds look to this video that I made of what I thought was a strange fire and strange clouds along with strange weather. I break down and slow down the lightning that happened within those clouds. Those clouds sat in the sky for hours! I break it down in the video.

    I also talk about strange plane activity as well. I will address that another time. I actually got some great footage last night that I need to edit and upload. I just wanna focus on the cloud seeding for this one.

    With all of that said, we all know what chemicals are commonly used for cloud seeding techniques:
    “The most common chemicals used for cloud seeding include silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide). Liquid propane, which expands into a gas, has also been used. This can produce ice crystals at higher temperatures than silver iodide.”

    After doing research, I am convinced that ground based weather modification was taking place in the video I took 2 months ago. This goes to show that many are un-aware of what’s going on right in front of their faces. See, I thought it was a fire!!! I wonder how many others thought the same thing. To top it off, now that I have this figured out, who am I supposed to complain to? HaHa! Even if I did, I would be thrown a bunch of data to show and prove why what they’re doing needs to be done! My question is, if this is something that has become so common and so necessary, then why aren’t we informed of it? Why isn’t it more out in the open? If there are legitimate reasons for doing this, why keep it on the D.L.? What are we really not being told? Is the earth dying? Now it seems more legit to think that there is a problem with the ozone! What are they hiding?????? Just be straight up people!!!!

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