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    I’m transfemale though unlike other transgenders I now after surgery no longer call myself trans. Transgender meaning transitioning to a gender to believe in your soul to be. Why I say I’m different than other transgenders is fact the others are out and happy to state they’re transgender. Most transgenders unlike I feel a since of entitlement like they want everyone to feel sorry for them and respect them. I believe there is only man and woman and to be insulted at which you bite cause someone miss genders you should be a wakeup call that you need to change. Transgenders were fine and lived well when kept in the dark. Now it turned to huge phenomenon that they want to force it into children’s schools which my opinion would only confuse the children. I was spiritually protected by which i was told what I was at really young age. Age of 12 as I recall. However at moment of coming out to mom I was quickly told that was enough now shut up and go back to bed blasting music in my ear. Years later continuely growing up I couldn’t help but always feel distant from rest of humanity. Doing best to describe me. I always felt like everyone was living in a box and I was on the outside always looking in. I myself have just recent finished changing sex and feel great. My mind is mentally clearer now that I’m no longer plagued with a dick for a second brain. Sadly only thing holding me back now is old habits. Enough of me as I feel I was spiritually meant to do what I did. Even had a numerology chart done by Rex’s friend with my new name and was amazingly accurate. I wish to connect more with Rex and his friends to learn more from like minded individuals thus far. Things I watch and find on YouTube has me wishing to have a friend to share and talk about with what I have seen and believe. I’m a virgo so I weight the logic in things. Much of what Rex and his friends like Hiedi and Jenny say are true. Anyways, would love to hear from yall.

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