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    Food for thought.
    Sumerian cuneiform was initially decoded by Henry Rawlinson in 1835.
    Major-General Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson, 1st Baronet, GCB, FRS was a British East India Company army officer, politician and Orientalist, sometimes described as the Father of Assyriology.
    Born: April 5, 1810, Chadlington, United Kingdom
    Died: March 5, 1895, London, United Kingdom,_1st_Baronet

    Henry Rawlinson had no idea that 60 years after his death, mankind would send rockets into space. There was no “space” program in the 1800’s that google is aware of. We can conclude with certainty therefor that Henry Rawlinson could not translate a concept he could not understand since it did not exist in his time period in solid form.

    Similarly, early cultures who first encountered these beings from outer space would have similar difficulty in explaining concepts of space travel and beings from elsewhere. They believed the sea and the night sky were related, so people of the sea and fish wearing people was used to explain outer space and alien beings.

    It goes beyond this small example however and so, much of the translations need to be revisited because they were translated before mankind’s advent of space travel, computers, hypersonic gizmos, robots, the matrix, time travel, etc.

    Translations done in modern times generally use existing bodies of work for reference and those rely on others, etc.
    It is a web that reaches back to the initial translator and the aforementioned translation issues.

    Ok now go back a bit further to the medieval ages or even roman times. No concept of space travel, aliens, computers, etc. Now examine the words “heaven”, “angels” and “the gods”. These are concepts passed down through the ages by people who did not have any concept of space travel, computers, robots etc. The simplest explanation therefor is that fish wearing people are gods who are Angels who are aliens. And the aliens come from the sea above which is heaven which is outer space.

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    this video has Billy Carson on Sumarian and Atlantis. He has a book “the compendium of the emerald tablets”. I disagree with his Annunaki and Atlantis conclusion but, you be the judge.

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