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    I have been watching videos all across Youtube and on many other social media websites, I keep noticing one thing. In each of these videos, researchers have always indicated a time period where a cataclysm happened or whatnot. There is a differential issue at hand. In recent times, people have indicated that a cataclysm had occurred on Earth roughly about 12800 years ago …or so, as indicated in the “younger dryas” scenario.


    A team of scientists from South Africa has discovered evidence partially supporting a hypothesis that Earth was struck by a meteorite or asteroid 12 800 years ago, leading to global consequences including climate change, and contributing to the extinction of many species of large animals at the time of an episode called the Younger Dryas.

    I would wholeheartedly agree if this was TRUE with Asteroids or Meteorites – however, the one which impacted the Earth which formed the crater under the ice sheet in Greenland was planetary debris which skimmed off the landscape as it flung back into space. That area is known as the “Apsu”. Planetary debris.. not asteroids, meteorites or even comet fragments.

    A large crater 31 kilometres in diameter has been discovered in northern Greenland beneath the Hiawatha Glacier. “There is some evidence to support the view that it might possibly have been the very place where a large meteorite struck the planet earth 12 800 years ago,” says Thackeray. “If this was indeed the case, there must have been global consequences.”

    Could anyone tell me HOW they’re getting those dates of 12,800 years ago?

    Are we SURE that this is correct regarding the dating? Is it because the findings are consistent with the Younger Dryas impact scenario?

    … and did you know that when a planet’s atmosphere gets hit by a fragment of an electric charged body, (such like planetary debris) it alters literally everything on it’s surface? … even right down to the atomic scales?

    It is of my opinion, that according to further research involving Sumerian mythologies, other mythologies written and so on, it carries a ‘TIME DIFFERENTIAL’ aspect because it does not make sense to figure out the differentials in the Younger Dryas scenario, after all.. people KEEP saying it’s either an asteroid, meteorite, or even comet fragment impacts. Not ONE WORD has ever been considered about “Planetary Debris Impacts”…

    Evidence?… Where’s the Evidence?…in the soil.. in the ground?… think about that.. for a minute there..

    Do we really have to take the word of a scholar of these things that happened? Which may not be true to begin with? Is there doubt in this? Yes, there are doubts in their findings.. however I leave that up to you to interpret this for yourself.

    In my perception and opinion? .. This planetary destruction occurred roughly 15 million years ago – because I take into account of the degradation of Planet Mars, Solar system changes, formation of new belts, and other accounts which does not match with the Younger Dryas hypothesis… after all it IS just a hypothesis just like I am writing one.

    I look at the Egyptian God RA.. he has this RED sun disk on his head.. Was our sun ever that color? No, and there WAS a RED GIANT in our skies in those days. Look at the photos included in here.. It’s showing we got TWO Stars here.. What’s going on? … One is our sun while the other one is a red giant? the wavy line means RED in wave spectrum? … Even the Annunaki mythology had these depictions…. Are we absolutely certain that the Egyptians worshiped our sun? ..

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