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    The psychedelic experience is vital to human existence and we seem to neglect it’s importance as a whole. Whether you induce this state through drugs or Tantra or a combination of both it is the key to becoming a fully evolved human being. This experience will unlock your DNA and give you a higher understanding of the Earth and the multiverse that our souls seem to inhabit. This journey has been revered by ancient cultures and buried by modern society into an underground taboo bunker. Materialist mainstream society cannot fathom this truth because it is entirely subjective, yet the results are repeatable. If you are an Evangelical Christian and I start talking about an LSD trip where I saw myself burying ancient scrolls in a desert or a maiden voyage to a new world, you would immediately dismiss it as devil worship,yet your entire region is based upon psychedelic experiences of a family of “prophets”. You could scoff at that or take my word for it.

    Having practiced meditation for 5 years and taken LSD, DMT, mushroom, the sacred cactus and enough marijuana to kill a horse each experience brings a new truth, a memory of past or future. The underground media focuses on Antarctica, Mars and CERN for a reason, those of us with a understanding of the past and future can realize what is going on behind closed doors in the present. Something is happening here on earth, a change of monumental sorts. Our entire history will be rewritten in the next 20 years and we will colonize Mars if we haven’t already…

    As we move into the age of robotics and A.I. The human will become obsolete here on Earth. You will see robot police and armies, humans will become the inferior species. Think terminator and eventually the matrix. All signs point to this happening. Humans merging with Artifical Intelligence. We are screwed and there’s nothing we can do about it. It may not happen in my lifetime but imagine the Earth in 300 years it will be the dystopian future nobody can imagine. We have become to smart for our own good. The human is doomed and destined to fail. We need to refuse A.I. before it brings around the demise of our entire species. This is what we should focus on as it will be the most important issue we face in the next hundred years.

    This rant is a starting point just to scratch the surface of what I believe to be true. I came across Leak Project a little over a year ago while looking for information on the Nag Hammadi texts and the Sumerian Tablets. Rex always has his ear to the ground and for that we should all thank him for bringing us this information about what is really going on with our reality, THEY are poisoning our water and food attempting to create zombies who only care about material goods. “Dead baby fetuses in our food” and poison in our “vaccines”, but knowing is half the battle. Stand up and refuse to buy into the pyramid scheme. I wake up everyday and go to work for 8 hours just to have Uncle Sam skim off the top while the 1 percent get all the tax breaks. I believe in what America started out as, a pure utopia, but what is has become is a scam, a business that only care about it’s bottom line. Not the people who work hard everyday and support this great nation, no matter your religion or political view we should all be able to agree with that statement in some form. I thank you for listening to this rant and Rex for allowing this outlet for thoughts that would otherwise be ridiculed by the “MAINSTREAM”. Don’t believe the lie they are selling you, who gives a shit about the Kardashians and who is screwing who. That’s the distraction, the lie to keep you locked into this 3D grid. The key is your soul and the doorway is in your mind. That’s it for now thanks for reading – elhangedman69

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