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    This episode of The Twilight Zone is somewhat different to most of the rest; as instead of being a bizarre tale; it’s based more on human morals, and is also something that could very easily happen. “The Shelter” follows a street, where only one person has a bomb shelter. After the nuclear war is threatened; the street is thrown into disarray, as everyone wants a piece of the shelter. This story might not have as big an impact nowadays as it did when it was first aired in 1961. In the middle of the Cold War, the nuclear threat was very real; and knowing that the events of this show could be just around the corner must have been terrifying. The tale is very well written, and the exercise in morality is very well felt. Unlike the rest of The Twilight Zone, this story takes place in our world and has a very realistic feel throughout. The final words on morality and civilization sum it all up perfectly, and while it might not be what you’d expect from The Twilight Zone, this is still an ingenious little tale and it still makes you think. Another episode that comes highly recommended!

    Dr. Bill Stockton has prepared well for any eventuality. He’s built a bomb shelter for himself, his wife and his child. His neighbors, on the other hand, have done nothing to prepare. During a dinner party, there is an emergency announcement on the radio that unidentified objects have been sighted en route to the US and they may be under attack. As the Stockton’s prepared to use their shelter their neighbors panic asking to be let into the shelter with them. Stockton refuses to lead to an angry confrontation. Written by garykmcd

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