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    Okay, so you know how some people are feeling….like crap with headaches, nausea and shit? Some having throat problems? Sinus issues? Flu symptoms pretty much, right? But, I feel like everyone is releasing blockages (similar types) of blockages right now. Yes, it’s definately an upgrade! Looks like different people are getting similar types of upgrades right now. Clearing out blockages. So, what if the whole virus thing was a fallacy? What if the “viruses” are upgrades? Flu season is actually the same time that the types of full moons in winter pull up buried emotional blockages… Hence we get sick with “the flu” cuz our body reacting to us not clearing the blockages. so we never truly get over the flu, perhaps the flu vaccines keep us from feeling like we have it so we ignore clearing blocks. Hell, maybe all the vaccines help suppress blockages…The poisons confuse our system too so we don’t know where to direct the necessary healing… Why do we get vaccinated the same time deep emotional blockages would need clearing? You know? The celestial events coincide with people’s health. People should be doing inner work to clear out the blockages of specific chakras based on the types of full moons and celestial events because they force those blockages to the surface. Plus, the time of year helps reinforce inner work. Winter time. More inside time. It all just makes too much sense. Anyways, I think as long as people make a choice not to get vaccinated and do some deep inner work during these times, nobody would feel sick…Anyhow, my son is fussin so I gotta stop here.

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