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    the interview you recently did regarding the bunkers was awesome so awesome I emailed them and got qualified and got an invite to go there they can take care of all my needs completely. wow I asked about a communications tower and a place for a helicopter. they can do it all so potential neighbor Rex howdy this is exciting kinda feel like a kid doing this. gonna have to get me one of those tin foil hats now lol. oh wait already have 2 of them including a brain antenna. hope they make a street named after you Rex. I’m looking at the whole unit and make a small section with my radios and camera equipment. and space for more single or cpl s to share with that have some military experience and can grasp use and construction of a vast communications network maybe linking bunkers to be able to converse either voice or video plus connect to other bunkers around the world for Intel

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    Robert M Ritter

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