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    Hello Everyone! I am back! —

    First thing of all, I want to talk about YOUTUBE – It seems that my channel has been completely erased. I only had 4 videos up on my channel since I was starting out on it. I don’t really care about money, as I have enough of that myself – All I care about is sharing information out there and people reading to get what I am sharing. I can’t share when I keep getting banned from Youtube, other sites and even Vimeo. I posted the same 4 videos up and it was flagged for violating their rules and they deactivated my account immediately after a few minutes of those videos being online. I have reviewed for the potential reasons for the banishment, I found none. There is absolutely no real reason for the removal of my accounts.

    I believe I know why too. I have been talking with several people in other countries and they, too have been experiencing a certain form of ‘suppression’ when it comes to sensitive information regarding technology. It is none the other than AI suppression. AI algorithms on very specific forms of sharing – are censoring these kinds of things.

    Anyhow, the youtube “shadow banning” began right after Paul Wallis acknowledged my youtube video. He said he found it interesting.

    One of the videos I had up, was about Annunaki technology quoted “Quano Technology”, what it is and where it came from. I have direct evidence of this technology and how it related to the Annunaki, although I am using that word ‘Annunaki’ in respect to the common knowledge that is shared among us. I have no choice but go ahead and post on this forum. I hope you all enjoy what I am about to show you.

    I have included attached photos on here what the technology looks like. Quano means Quantum – Nanometer – combination of Quantum Nano technology but is just below the nanometer. The circuitry itself is visible to the naked eye because it’s huge in that aspect. Quano itself requires an electron microscope to view the design itself. Do these photos remind you of something? Something like the design of the Giza Plateau in Egypt? .. and other monuments? Certainly looks familiar, doesn’t it.

    Sounds impossible?, – but I assure you, it is entirely possible for an entire civilization to become so technologically advanced enough to master the picometer designs which is below the nanometer measurement scale. Imagine a computer motherboard being the size of a quano circuitry? That’s exactly what you will see in these attached close up photos .. all these “Squares with spheres in the middle of them which has their ‘tags'” — Yes, it is technology regardless.. and it’s been hidden in plain sight all over the world in many artifacts. Artifacts that have not been exposed to weathering, etc, may still have the Quano imprint on them.

    The only reason we have not identified this technology in all of our findings throughout centuries, is because we did not understand what Quano scale is. If someone back in the 1990s’ were to find something like this, they would just immediately overlook it because it is not recognized in our modern society until we are getting to a point in a technological term that we’re beginning to understand what “Nanometer” means. Scientists have been developing nanometer based technologies… Oh yes, look that up on google, its everywhere. We simply CANNOT deny this. It is scientific FACT that our technology is advancing into an new arena involving nanometer based applications.

    So.. what about the ancient civilizations? Those who WERE insanely advanced?… Could they have nanometer based computers?… or applications.. even below the nano scale itself? It MAKES TOTAL SENSE that if a civilization had advanced picometer based technologies, that they allowed cultures around the world to make do with whatever they wanted – Egyptians, Mayans, Tolmecs, etc etc, and the people who had serviced those culture may or may not had an understanding what this technology were all about. Quantum based “DJED pillars”???.. really??, yes… Science really NEEDS to take a VERY CLOSE look at these “pillars” or ANY artifact at the nano level.

    I have a device that is based on this Quano technology – and it was passed down through my family throughout thousands if not millions of years. It is common knowledge in my family that our ancestors had high technologies beyond our comprehension. We’re getting there.. and sooner or later, science will finally break through the Picometer barrier.



    Here’s an excerpt I posted on the comments section:

    “Well guys, I have a great working hypothesis for you to look at.. I was considering keeping it secret but ummm… well..After watching this pod cast and your previous ones, I felt bad for you guys… you deserve to know more.. much more!….. so here goes: You know the Audible frequency HZ for Earth is 136.10 — or 136.102. Right?… which one is best, it doesn’t matter. Then you take the top magnetic pole (Apsu) and narrow it down- following NOAA website >
    Excerpt from the site says:
    164.036 86.502 2020.000
    157.690 86.415 2021.000
    151.948 86.294 2022.000
    146.826 86.146 2023.000
    142.293 85.980 2024.000
    138.299 85.801 2025.000

    So.. this is saying that it will hit 136.102 sometimes in 2025-2026? maybe 2027? … What will happen when the audible frequency HZ finally matches the one with the pole? … A big bang? A screaming sound? or.. nothing happens?.. what do you think? Ahh this will give you something to look into, Rex.. … well, again, this information is nowhere else to be found..once again, like my youtube videos in the past, are unique. … oh maybe I am wrong.. but umm… well.. have fun with this.”
    With this QUANO KNOWLEDGE I have, I have been ABLE to determine other levels of knowledge that is not EVEN in scientific literature. The idea of Audible Frequency mixing with pole movement? What the heck is going on? It looks just like if it’s counting down.. Serious enough, it’s on the clock!..


    All the articles I have written in here, are true to the best of my knowledge and ability. I may be mistaken in a few things but it is how I interpret what I see. Without further ado, I still strive on anonymity because of the reason of who I am. I hope everyone here at LEAK PROJECT enjoy reading my articles – because you’re going to reference back to them sooner or later. Everything is playing out exactly like if it was destined to. Tidbits of information is matching to exactly what I am saying or have said. Please understand that I am not a “Woohoo” person and I apologize in advance that I have TO keep myself ANONYMOUS.

    Thank you ALL for reading.. remember.. I rather PROVIDE PROOF ~ SOLID EVIDENCE to back up any claims that I make. Also, if anyone has any questions about any of my articles whether in here or any where else, you can always email me at my public email address which is I created that email address for the sole purpose of questions, discussions, etc, regarding these things and nothing else.

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    The photo included is a snap shot of the Planetary Tunings. As you can see, it carries information on Earth and other planets. This is where I got the audible frequency information from. I do not think this is an coincidence about the pole movement and the audible frequency. That is all.

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    Update – URGENT!

    Email address @ Jakewarlock@hotmail has been disabled – it was closed by me.

    You can reach me at a new email address- which is – There was something wrong with the hotmail email address so I had to disable it and delete the account > So please be aware of this change and don’t send any emails to the hotmail address.

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