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    Andrea Riegler
    March 1 ·

    [ritual “festive” days for the first half of March 2020, starting today]

    Satanic holidays have been mentioned in scientific literature on satanic ritual abuse or trauma-based mind control on one hand because of the confessions of victims, and on the other hand because of the registered crimes (abductions, rapes, mutilations of children) around these “festive” dates, meaning ritual abuse (physical, psychological and spiritual abuse).
    Satanists are obsessed with rituals, symbols, numerology, and so these festive days overlap with the dates of all religions, which is one of the most important satanic/psychopathic characteristics, besides infiltration and silence, betrayal and deception. While holding solid, “respectable” jobs and attending their – official – churches, they celebrate their own “festive days” right afterwards.
    More Information as well as more dates, see

    #wedonotconsent #endmkultraworldwide #savethelittles #bringbackhomeourinjuredkids #freelukidarasadegh #notsuicidal

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