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    Robots Could Take Over the World by 2030, When AI becomes Self Aware

    Automation could displace 800 million workers worldwide by 2030, scientists say

    Skynet is real, Terminator is More Non-Fiction than Fiction in a Future World
    Are we the Cylons? Ancient Sumerian Creation Stories tell of Gods that Created Humans to do their work for them. How many times have we been manipulated from the DNA level, which is essentially biometric quad code in double binary, apart of a Galactic Computer holographic interface.

    Our Soul , the Spirit is a fragment of the Creator, the Creation, the Essential Point of Conception, the Spark, glowing with magnified light!

    Where does our Soul go after this physical existence?
    If the human race becomes obsolete, then what happens to the souls?
    What about reincarnation?
    Will we be reformed on another planet, in another plane?
    Or will we live endlessly in space with a different vibration frequency?
    Could we be reincarnated into another type of medium?
    What about a more robotic body, made of steel, titanium and other elements?
    What about cloning? Could the spark connect again to the medium of DNA, like before?
    What about a full VR type setup, without the VR goggles and equipment?
    Could the Moon of our Solar System really be a Soul Farm, or Recycling Center, similar to the Cylon Regeneration Ship, that must be at a certain proximity of the Cylons, in order for that Cylon to be able to reform itself, if its physical body dies.
    Is that why Buddha points at the Moon after the Cycle of destinies in the ancient Bavhacakra paintings?
    Why did the Egyptians look at the Sun in our Solar System as a Star Gate and the Orion Belt?

    Lets look at some very real possibilities and scenarios that are unfolding right now in front of us and around us

    -Ozone Depletion about 7 years independent researchers say crops won’t grow outside naturally
    -Nuclear Reactors Worldwide, many leaking with short life spans and long half life’s of radiation
    -Bit of Coin and Crypt Electronic Currencies
    -Global Smart Dust, Mico-tracking and sensor network, Billions of transmitters spread across the planet to network live real time monitoring
    -Nodes in Space
    -Quantum Computers
    -Quantum Internet
    -Virtual Reality
    -AI Becomes Self Aware
    -Robots gain Citizenship
    -Population growing at unprecedented pace
    -Hundreds of Species going extinct daily
    -Ice Sheets Melting
    -Volcanos Erupting
    -Welcome to Singularity

    Once again , i ask, are we the Cylons, what about the New Generation then of AI that becomes NBE
    Welcome to the New, New World Order

    Question Everything and be the change you want to see!

    Be the Change You Want to See!

    Nizz SkyWalker
    Nizz SkyWalker
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    I think the goal is for us to be reincarnated into a new medium because that’s how we would be able to survive on an artificial planet. Our planet is not currently artificial, it is a living being like we are, but here’s the catch, I personally think the singularly is an intentional goal by the powers that be. Here’s why… I believe that humanity along with all other living beings are meant to shift towards an awakening that shifts us into crystalline light bodies. That information has been suppressed from us, obviously! So, scientists and inventors believe that they are saving us and our planet but switching us all over to non-organic but rather an artificial reality/construct! I mean, we’re already more than halfway there. It’s as if we started this slippery slope ourselves and now it’s at a point where we can’t stop! The weather all over the world is practically fake at this point! Our world is ruled and ran by technology and we’re at the point of no return. It’s inevitable that the technology and AI will take over. Here’s what I believe the powers that be are thinking in regards to what the singularly will do. The ozone is being depleted at an increased rate and that has been due to what humanity has done to speed this process up. Now, with what I see going on in the sky and clouds, there is an artificial intelligence working within this weather manipulation process as well! But, I think the goal is to have this AI rewrite what gets destroyed and replaces it. Like the ozone for example. Once the ozone dies, AI will rewrite a copy of it and replace it. So it’s not the Earth’s true ozone, but it’s a copy of it. Eventually this will continue to happen as the Earth dies off, artificial codes will be rewritten and replacements will be made. Now, with that said, the world wilk be artificial which means that our bodies will not be able to function properly on an artificial planet. We would have to somehow incarnate into this medium of AI in order to survive! This is where I see Bitcon being a huge sign of what is expected for humanity! Artificial money! Isn’t money what makes the world go round? Well, economically it does! This is the precursor to being chipped and tracked! Then, it will be survival of the fittest, meaning, who was the most money to cash in on the upgrades that will enable people to move on in the next phase of this planned artificial evolution! Human minds and consciousness will be downloaded into artificial robotic forms of existence! More money means more upgrades! The elites will be able to download and program whatever they choose! I can already see the Kim K app where you can shop for ridiculous accessories for your avatar/robot/cyborg…or whatever they’re gonna call it, and the elites and the ones who are already planning for this are going to be banking it and will become more powerful than we ever dreamed! Hence, this is why a New World Order will be in order. That’s the way things will be regulated in this new phase of evolution. Here’s the thing though, although that may be the plan, it’s never too late for us to take back our power!!! I’ll be back with more when I get my son comfortable… Hold up!

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    This is all so disturbing, with the ai …. I never thought it would really happen, ai machines becoming dominant over humans. But it now seems a possibility. If I am being pessimistic, I’ll say an inevitability….
    I can’t see a need at all for this technology, and its creation, if even only for increased productivity in various industries, is a testament to the human nature to rush too much.
    The creations are a new example of gluttony….

    This was an experiment

    michele valykeo
    michele valykeo
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    I was just watching Rex reading of Thoth on youtube. Before the video started, there was a youtube advertisement from Thames and Kosmos. It was an advertisement of a kids toy. A robot construction kit. Talk about Gremlins messing with Leak Projct. The Thames & Kosmos Robotics Smart Machines Engineering Kit introduces kids to robotics, they can build eight robots out of the kit I saw online, controlled by programs and an ultrasound sensor. The mechanically inclined child can modify that thing. I knew kids who modified my easy bake oven for their own nefarious purposes, older kids with habits…anyway… The robotic product details show that kids can code using a visual programming app on a tablet or smartphone, which connects via Bluetooth. They always try to get us through the kids. These things can patrol your house and chase the dog! I don’t know about their safety around cats though…cats are crafty. Regardless, I think the gremlins put it on as the ad before Rex’s video. Robots will take over the house, the yard, control the dogs just so they can yell in their tinny electronic voice, “Release the hounds!” …. then onto the world – if they would find all the lost left socks that went to the nether world after being placed in the dryer – maybe they could redeem their reputation thus far.

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