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    There comes a point when one starts to form conclusions of reality with ones knowledge on subjects of interest.
    for me it’s been listening to people like Rex and others and trying to put it all together for ones life.
    I believe I have but keep an open mind.
    My life at a early age was in turmoil from my dad passing away when i was to young to know why he was no longer there. just glimpses of flashes of memory of him. and being poor in a family of 5 is not easy but being happy was more important and having family was always a happy thought even though Christmas was mostly hand me down or used toys from cousins.
    when I was 7 I saw something that effected my life profoundly I was on a back porch on the third floor apartment and remember seeing a sky full of vessels not airplanes but looked like stuff you would find in a star trek fleet gathering. I remember running to find somebody to look with me but nobody was home. I know what I saw but at this time I kept it to myself until I was in school I would draw these ships on paper. all the time weird
    huh. also when I was young my mom ordered these books on hypnotism like a time life set they even came with a pendulum. never got into it but was always in the back of my mind as a question.
    then later in life when I was married we went to a few of those like office party’s where they hired a hypnotist.
    and people like my wife and sister in law would also be effected. that was a huge red flag why had I not been effected. then all these years still I was never effected why I would ask the hypnotist one said because people who were no effected were stupid which was offensive as my IQ was extremely high.
    so after watching people doing ghost hunting and such which they do experience what they show. people like Tim Wood on live scifi tv and of coarse our Rex bear here in the fantastic forums.
    but I have reached a conclusion that certain people are shielded from much of this so to not effect their outcome meaning that when you discuss enlil and enki Enlil was protective of his creation to the point of not wanting his creation to be infected with information that could corrupt him to the wicked ways of the world. where the evil one wanted to use that to tempt man into corruption. we were always going to ascend to a higher level until we got corrupted by the evil one. so we were basically put into a position where we had to learn ourselves of the truth of this life through the resurrection the rebirth of man over and over until we each figure out why things are the way they are. all from a single action of a bad god and his quest for power at the expense of mankind.
    I believe I can not be hypnotized because because there is something within ourselves a sort of protection god himself installed as a safeguard to ensure he pass on to the next level. it was always there and he installed the intelligence into some of us as a way to get the right answer. because if you use simple deduction of information and apply (Occam’s Razor) to this and seams very likely.
    we all have a path some need to go on and possibly do it over again to get there but so many have held us all in a prison for there own gain. that guards of the prison have almost left and the walls are crumbling the truth is starting to show us where we are and where we have been predisposed to be. in the end we have been guided to the finish line we only need to show that we can take that step and finis what we had started out to do.
    don’t listen to the nay Sayers they may be in shock deep down and don’t know how to process the truth don’t fall into a trap and let emotion cloud your journey. we can help guide them but in the end perhaps their time is not yet here to go beyond this point of enlightenment. the enlightenment I speak of is the understanding of one life and teachings to formulate the true answer. very powerful stuff. and I so completely understand it now and ready for the next big lessen of mans evolution. would it not be cool to have more people lay out their current analogy of their life to get a map for them to get to this point of understanding.

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    Robert M Ritter

    Sky Captain
    Sky Captain
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    please excuse the typo’s I always write something then hit the button before I enter it and lose the whole thing

    Robert M Ritter

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    A point of clarification:

    In the industry, we talk about “All hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis.” This is true because what we call hypnosis is the structured alteration of those same brainwave frequency patterns which you employ to daydream and learn any information. Mentally deficient people cannot be hypnotized as they do not have the same electrical behavior in their brains.

    To say that one “cannot be hypnotized” is to admit that one is a cretin and too stupid to dream or imagine anything.

    It is more accurate to say that one “refused to be hypnotized”, which is your right, for better or for worse.

    Unfortunately, as young children, we walk around in hypnotic trances all the time and soak up all kinds of garbage from family, media and institutions (church, school, etc.) A good hypnotist who understands deprogramming can show you how to “wash your own brain.” They are few and far between, with most being hacks who repeat scripts. Weight loss, smoking cessation and self-esteem make the money and are easy. Confronting Alters and MKULTRA level programming is difficult.

    Any library will have a text on self-hypnosis (progressive relaxation is a good technique) so you can do it yourself. Until Mesmer introduced it to the Science cult, it was documented as ‘magic’ as far back as the Pharaohs.

    We are taught to fear change. Anything that conflicts with the narrative is ‘bad’, even if more accurate.

    It takes a brave wolf to separate from the pack and venture alone into the unknown.

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    was interesting to hear more about you. if the s&%t hits the fan will you change your name to bunker captain ;b

    This was an experiment

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