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    Janine DiFonzo Don Everson, my 13 year old got to pick any topic to explain for his 8th grade school education fair. He chose on his own, watched every video on your page (my boys have known Q since the beginning with me, but needed to put references on his bibliography page, so we used your links bc they were all perfectly organized!). We organized the board, then wrote a 7 page paper. He red pilled his school last week. Teachers were crowding around him and taking notes! He pulled up qanon. pub on his chrome book and showed them how to follow. Told them to start with “Q:Plan to save the world “. He was fearless and fielded questions from teachers, parents and classmates. I was incredibly humbled by his confidence. When he got home, he said “mom, I did the movement proud “. My Lord. Next Gen warrior patriot

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