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    Hello Everyone,

    In Rex’s recent podcast, “Update: Supernova or Dyson Sphere? Physicist Warns Betelgeuse Could Be Getting Ready to Explode”; I thought maybe I could use some of the knowledge that I have to share with you. Now, this part about the Orion’s belt has been regurgitated throughout the internet, books, magazines, etc etc, ever since the astronomer Virginia Trimble, who in 1964, discovered that the southern shaft in the King’s Chamber in the great pyramid pointed towards Orion. Following that information, Robert Bauval, a Belgian engineer, who in 1994, indicated in his book, correlated by simply overlaying the star map over the Giza plateau’s design, showing that these pyramids almost perfectly matched the stars in the Orion’s belt.

    This Orion connection theory had held on ever since because it made the most sense. However, the key word is “Almost”. This is what I am going to be talking about in this article, about the word “Almost”.

    Now this is all hypothetical which I have no evidence to back it up, nor any proof of what I am about to outline below – however you might have evidence that may indicate otherwise. I just currently do not have this. I am currently logging into an archive of the mind –

    So here goes:

    Pyramids and The Orion Connection:

    Long before Earth and this solar system suffered a cataclysmic formation, Earth was upright – there was NO tilt to the Earth’s orbital pattern. None whatsoever. Earth was in it’s primal tropical phase. There was only ONE weather ‘season’ that lasted the entire orbit around our sun. That season was a warm tropical climate. It never got cold and it never got too hot. It was perfect. The solar system itself was perfect too! Imagine that!.. A warm climate year round!.. Wish that is true today. Such climate allowed the creation of multiple animals, plants, etc, to thrive on it’s surface.

    Until the cataclysm occurred, it knocked the atmospheric condition out of whack on Earth, and formulated it into a tilt. This formed the Four seasons, Ice Age, etc, etc. So many things changed, and one of the things that changed is the way our skies used to look like.

    In those days of the tropical climate, the pyramids were being built all over the world – the Pyramids of Giza for example, was built in a jungle at the time. It was not a desert as so what mainstream science may like you to believe. This is just to show a difference between that time period and our modern time period. Today, the Pyramids of Giza sits inside a desert and so forth. Imagine ALL that work just to clear the jungle to build those pyramids?

    The problem we have, is the data regarding the time period of what occurred here and there. Science heavily rely upon carbon dating organics surrounding these structures and underneath them. One thing we have to understand, is that a plasma based force can and will ALTER a carbon emission inside an organic item. Carbon emission or isotopes or whatever you want to call it. This is why I heavily disagree with ALL of their radio carbon dating analysis because of that alteration.

    So, we know for a fact, the Earth and the planets in this solar system heavily suffered and was “hurt” by these cataclysmic acts….but has ANYONE EVER thought of how it may have AFFECTED this solar system? . When you cut yourself, you let your wound heal, right? .. So, how does it heal? Blood clot up the wound, and it begins to close up the wound by providing new cells to form a new skin layer, ..maybe into a scar tissue .. .right?

    This is the exact same analogy which is happening to our solar system. Our solar system has been injured and it’s trying to get back to what it used to be; the original design. From a simple paper cut on your skin, it takes a day or two to full heal, meanwhile it takes some time for a solar system to deal with it’s own injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, the solar system begins to react accordingly to assess ‘repairs’.

    We know about the Earth’s tilt… We know how the Earth and the planets in our solar system function, but HAS anyone ever realized how the entire solar system began to react to the injury? This is the “Almost” scenario regarding the Orion connection. If science was smart enough, it would calculate the offset and measure it in light terms to get an accurate reading of WHEN this specific cataclysm occurred. In those days, the Pyramids were NOT aligned to the Orion constellation but instead it was aligned to the Cygnus constellation – until the days of the cataclysm occurred, it shifted the alignment over to the Orion Constellation… if so, why? …

    In an injurious act to a solar system, we have to consider any solar system to be a living consciousness of it’s own. Everyone THINKS.. yes, EVEN science.. thinks that our solar system is going on a straight path through space in our own galaxy. Actually, it’s not. In ancient mythologies, the symbol for a SERPENT has it’s own multiple reasons. Our solar system is moving in a SINE WAVE fashion in our galaxy – which is identical to an act of a SERPENT. Until it’s injury is fully mended, the solar system begins to slowly straighten itself out to go on a STRAIGHT path.

    This is what we’re seeing today – the advancement of mankind’s technologies, discoveries of amazing ancient technologies, magnetic and audible excursions, reversals, etc etc, and so forth.

    Simply put – ALL OF THIS IS BEING DONE BECAUSE OUR SOLAR SYSTEM IS RETURNING TO IT’S ONCE PRISTINE STATE – HEALING ITSELF. EARTH will return to it’s once tropical paradise when the injury is fully healed.

    Those pyramids all over this planet? Hidden or in sight… THEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON. We CAN’T survive without them.

    If you look at everything that has been going on for the last 50 years, I think you will agree with me that there’s something going on with this planet and the planets in this solar system.

    I know.. this is mind blowing.. but sit back and think about it.

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