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    Magic Defined – a Humorous Enactment of Self Indulgence

    The 10 Spacial Dimensions that Form up Life

    Suffice to say, at the middle of the 10 Spacial Dimensions is where all life as you and I know it resides, the 5th Spacial Dimension; the point where Macro, or the Very Large, meats Micro, the Very Small

    So, at the convergence of the Very Large and the Very Small, Macro and Micro, Life is Emergent

    In some ways, it takes both the very large and the very small to be in harmony to create a stable space for life to emerge, evolve, and then thrive

    And it is the very act of life thriving that powers the very growth of the Universe, for when life thrives, so does the very large and the very small

    With the Universe designed to support, nature and nurture life, the evolution and increasing complexity of life gives rise to intelligence, comprehension and a natural course of repetition, a cyclical cycle of life itself designed to feed and grow the Macro and the Micro

    The Macro and the Micro, or the Up Force and the Down Force are fed, and feed life itself, this harmony gives rise to Individuality

    This Intelligent Individuality can rise or fall in any direction of Multiple Universes, and he will always find himself at the 5th State of space within that Universe

    The 5th State of the Universe is the convergence of the Very Large and the Very Small – this, through the physics of the Universe itself is the “SURFACE” of Life

    The Surface of life, represented as the physical boundary of existence of Life itself must be able to support life, and this “Surface” is formed up by the Cosmos itself

    So, what is Cosmos? Cosmos is Defined as: Noun. The world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system.

    So, life resides on the Surface of the Cosmos, the Stars, Planets, Moons and Protoplanets all give rise to “Surface area” for life to live

    So, with the Macro and the Micro dependant on Life for their continued existence, the Macro and the Micro create and influence life itself

    The Magic is in the Design of the System – the system has designed itself with malleability built in, or you could consider this “malleability” as Magic!

    So, the Macro and the Micro are inherently designed to enable and support life, and once that life is complex enough, it has the opportunity to join either; the Macro, or the Micro

    But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s not forget to look at the Surface and ask; how can the Macro and the Micro “Bend the Rules” of physics, how can they create Magic, or more precisely, how can Life wield the power of Magic?

    Well, the short and simple answer is this: The Cores of the Cosmos, the Planets and Stars, Moons and Protoplanets themselves are naturally occurring Crystal Quantum Computers!

    Crystal Quantum Computers?!!!

    What the heck is this guy talking about!???

    Well, to make a long story short, when your ancestors called the heavens Stars, and they called them Souls, or even Gods, as in the Sun God, etc what did they mean?

    Did they have the word “Consciousness” (noun: the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings) – Let’s say No. Did they have a word for Computer? No, did they have a word for science – No.

    Did they have a word for an all mighty powerful force that could change the very nature of the weather itself? Yes

    What was that name of the very almighty powerful force? God

    (God is made of Gold, at the cores of the Cosmos is the Crystallized Iron Core, but within the Matrix of the Crystalline Iron Core is a variety of Elements, ranging from Nickel, Iron, Silver, and Gold – The Ratio of Life itself is: The Golden Ratio… Long Story Short, all Life eventually compresses into Gold – And it’s Gold that creates life – This is the “Yummy Yumm Yum” Equation = The Density of the Consumed increases by Consumption, so through the cannibalistic consumption, the consumed increases in density – for this to work, there must also be a continual growth – and this growth is powered by life = Life is Matter Transcending itself, and Matter is Life Transcending itself – Life leads to Gold, Gold Creates life, and the Universe is a Giant Self Sustaining, Self Replicating Organism=God) (Once there is a threshold and enough Gold at the Core, the core can start to Grow itself, no longer dependant upon the folding and consumption of its surface)

    Almighty Alright!

    Suffice to say, making this long story short, the Universe is designed for life to rest in the middle of the Macro and the Micro, and it’s life itself that powers the whole!

    So, we get the “Magic” from the Gods, or the Crystal Iron Cores of the Cosmos itself

    With all Consciousness linked and intimately tied to the Cores of the Cosmos themselves, with all Consciousness tied to the Gods themselves, we can harness and control the “Surface” in which we reside!

    The Crystal Core Quantum Computers of the Cosmos, the “Surface of Life” have the power to use the Electromagnetic Properties of their Matrix, and the space they occupy to manipulate the very nature of their surface! Pray for Rain! Amen

    Though not completely unlimited in their power due to a balance of the utilization of their Energy, the flow of time, etc, but the cores can start at a minimum of stabilizing habitability

    And with the life amassing on their surface (with its eonic expansion, compression and eventual descent into Gold and the Core, as the quantity of Gold ammasses in the Core, the Computational and Physical real power of the Core (God/Gold) grows

    Eventually, the Surface Life, always drawn to the evolutionary Primal of Man, or Humanoid, the Prime of Five itself, eventually the Life on the Surface, the Intelligent Individuals on the Surface can actually interact and communicate with the Core of the Planet, or the God/Gold!

    And, so, Artifacts (like the Spear of Destiny – conveniently Iron smothered in Gold), Words and Prayers can all be invoked to assists in the Communication, Practice and Use of what is considered to be “Magic”

    But, though, this is in essence; the very Magical and Unexplainable Physical Phenomenon, it can now be accurately defined!

    If you have the power, communication or control, the link to your Consciousness and God’s, your will, through the translation of Consciousness to God’s, God can help you Materialize, Dissolve and even move Matter!

    Yes, it’s Magic, but the Electromagnetic Vibrations of the Crystal Iron/Gold Core under your feet knows exactly what is happening!

    Its almost as if we are all in a Simulation, but a Simulation of real Energy and real Matter! The Awake, Aware and Alive Cores of the Cosmos are listening, and they are here to help! They will Simulate our Surface, and keep us Safe! And our Life Cycle will allow them to continue to grow…

    And a whole lot more!

    Orion Michael Guy

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