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    Hello Leak Project,

    I am currently working on a new movie presentation. I started working on this yesterday. Now this is going to take some time to make it. I do expect it to be at least 1 1/2 hour long. It will be uploaded on youtube and posted on this forum. Keep in mind, this is Anna’gen family lore based on real life events, although it weighs heavily in the science fiction realm until proven otherwise.

    Title: Annuna (There is another ancient name but I rather use this one)
    Role: The story of Anu and his people

    This is about the life of Anu and his home world. The adventures of discovery and to another solar system. This movie includes accurate mathematics of time differentials, years, and the dates of occurrences. Each mathematical model will be demonstrated to show you the experience of how this came to be. Be prepared, this story will take you on a long journey to understanding the true history and vague misconceptions throughout the history of Earth.

    I would like to share with you this movie ‘production’ list:

    1- planet hit by comet
    2 – planet turns reddish blue
    3- people on surface starving – A.I. war
    4 – birth of Anu – world council – genetic engineering
    5- becomes Emperor at age
    6 – attends the lake pyramid
    7 – meets anu archon of lake – planet
    8 – Enters pyramid of the lake
    9 – homeworld Archon merges with anu
    10 – homeworld archon tells anu of emah
    11 – years go by, Anu people found artifacts on other worlds discover new tech.
    12 – Emah attacks Anu homeworld.
    13 – Survivors escape to earth solar system – emah arch espace portal – land on mars –
    14 – build cities, pyramids, etc
    15 – begin working on Earth – pyramids – 7 igigi brothers and their groups
    16 – red giant star detected
    17 – dock red star; mold the space ship – red star turns into dwarf
    18 – space ship arrives to system; declared as unrivaled weapon
    19 – Emah attack tiamat, destroys it, then begins attacking mars
    20 – survivors escape to Earth
    21 – ship attempts to turn on the mega quano shield
    22 – tiamat debris hits top of Earth tip. Flooding ensues…
    23 – emah arch earth – destroying pyramids, structures… webbed arch
    24 – Shield fully enabled – emah stops arching – earth disappears; mining platform in place
    25 – 5000 years mars sucked dry by emah
    26 – during the course of 5000 years, building new structures on earth, culture, playing gods, etc
    27 – emah begins to leave mars orbit
    28 – emah rips a new tear in space, affecting earth’s balance with the solar system; ice age
    29 – earth’s CF goes haywire, igigi brothers go mad; creation of last prototype new man; CF increases,killing Anu people
    20 – space tear gets absorbed by the sun
    21 – Anu and people ended up on duplicate earth – turning into hosts; ship abandoned. Aluium –
    22 – species victims of emah all over universe access duplicate earth
    23 – Anu still alive today – split hosts plus others split hosts
    24 – Earth progressed technologically , Anu give technologies, other species too
    25 – Man progressed with boom technology, faces cataclysmic acts; end of the world – Anu returns

    Andrew Zebrun III
    Andrew Zebrun III
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    This sounds great, I hope Rex sees it.

    Research this to cure autism, cancer, stupidity, etc.


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    I would love to add EVIDENCE to the movie too! –

    I wrote this before:

    You need to check the names. IF you look at Anatolia, check here –
    and —- what does this remind you of? There were 7 civilizations (7 brothers and their groups). The seven names of these groups are…. well.. believe it or not..modern names in english: Annunaki, Annagen, Anatolia, Anakazi, Anahopa, Anulagan, and Anasartia. These names are a spin off from a main civilization before the name of Annunaki. The origin in english name, for Annunaki is Annuna – The Annuna group split off into these names…Annunaki is head of the group, adding in KI, in respect for the daughter or wife of Anu. (family inbreeding issue; consort) – All these names are in respect for the sky deity Anu or An.. For a long while, I thought my family’s ancestors, the Annagen group was just another name for Annunaki.. I found out not too long ago, that I was very wrong about that. It’s actually a real separate name. I have written some of this on the Leak Project forums about the “Naki”.. Naki means “Ascend”. So I am glad people are finally coming to the terms of realization of such names. So this is what I have, to give you all.. It’s the truth, which is now just a matter of proving it. Some of the groups such as Annunaki, Anatolia, Anakazi and Anahopa is well known, but the rest of them are just not discovered yet.

    We know who the Annunaki, Anatolia, Anakazi and Anahopa are. Anakazi is none the other Anasazi – and Anahopa is the Hopi. These names had changed hands more than once throughout their generations. The other names of Annagen, Anulagan and Anasartia sounds very familiar right? – the evidence is tied into their descriptions of origin – ancient depictions regarding the “tree of life” etc etc.. So.. find that.. then you got a match just like the Anatolians on the wikipedia page.

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