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    Grafitti wall – see S & G. Love the ELP version of Jerusalem. First time posting in a forum ever, and maybe last. Yup. Archons / Flyers. R.I.P. Good Riddance. 5th dimension is not for amateurs, and maybe not for humans in general. DO NOT GO THERE! Yes, I photographed the stone glyphs of Notre Dame while lying down on my stomach. French did not care. Save love Evolves as time emits all, to seek keys out, now we know one won. Phoenix Rex Any hope? Now soar rayeous one. Anagramaton poetronics or language of avian organic beings. Dont ask? As I dont want to know. New timeline, tis all I can say. After 78 million years of timelines, maybe my last hurrah. Fools can elevate thoughts that change their fate, pointing to the clue, knowledge man once knew. Full can eli. Or Fool can ally, or simply small Vulcan, well hope I have been stupid enough. Surrounded by Mormons is the safest place for the agnostic gnostic. Love contradiction, but conundrums not so much, especially the ones in Beethoven’s 5th symphony. My father did prove that electrons travel in the 5th dimension – think he used the gold isotope as the model. He missed Parsons by a few years at JPL. But hey, Andy Warhol was on his dorm floor in College. Enough about my Dad, I went all the way to Llahsa to say goodbye. The monks were kind enough to give me an hour in the Jokang by myself. And to quote early Genesis Trick of the Tail, “Just a pool of tears”. Lastly there is a 5th way. ROCK & Roll. Need I say more. Henry Melville Veritas, requires 2nd book. Yea, Manly P Hall use to observe the youth from a balcony in the library. Well folks, enjoy the New Jerusalem, will take time to get there but the Golden age is here dispite the current chaos. Got to get in to get out – carpet crawlers head their callers, L.L.D.O.Broadway. Pleasant dreams, sincerely Rael imperial aerosol kid AKA the Crimson King. Not proud, and atonement was a Beeeeeotch! SevloveEvolves.

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