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    This is a very important article for everyone to read. I heavily suggest to thoroughly read this whenever you can.

    This is an issue that every one of us on Earth experience, who go through this stage when encountering the bizarre in real life. In recent times, I have come to an conclusion that I need to write this up because of what I have had experienced. In my life, as a rule, Experience tops all. Period. It does not matter what I believe or do not believe in, because experience itself is the real physical witness. When you experience something, you cannot deny it.. it is as simple as that.

    Now, I know that I’ve written many articles on here, the Leak Project Forum, these articles are there for you to read and to help determine the differences in your life of every bizarre thing you’ve experienced including the reasons you are seeking answers to. I believe this article should top out of all the rest I’ve written. It is important.

    What exactly IS mental shock?

    It is the AWE and the INSPIRING or FEAR of what you have experienced. Be whether if it is a nice or a horrific experience, the process that you have physically experienced, coordinates with your mind. Your brain itself takes in the experience of what you have just witnessed. This creates a shockwave in your brain processes on a daily basis, as most of it is minor and is not felt by you because you are accustomed to these things. This ‘shockwave’ is what alters your physical DNA on a such minute level that it is run every single second everyday.

    When I sat on my bed in the tent while I was living with my family at the time in 2012, after experiencing something truly bizarre, I experienced this form of mental shock while all the images, sounds, emotions, etc, would constantly pound in my head. I barely made it out alive. If I hadn’t, the experience would’ve killed me.

    It is eerily similar to shell shock, a psychological disturbance caused by prolonged exposure to active warfare, especially being under bombardment, just that the difference is the experience is from the bizarre, not warfare.

    Such mental shock can lead to psychotic symptoms, schizophrenia, aneurysm, resulting in various types of psychological disorders and self inflicted harm.

    Some of you who have read my articles on here may be thinking “Man.. this guy’s off his rocker!”… or “Man, talk about schizo dude!”…”He’s off his meds again!”… It does not truly matter… what matters is what YOU have experienced. I am only sharing what I experienced or the knowledge which comes out of it. On my behalf, there are no deceptions…period.

    Couple examples of Mental Shock:

    You’ve been abducted by aliens.

    You were placed in this type of a cage, and you see these alien beings walk by you. You are screaming, thinking, ‘oh my god.. oh my god’…the alien being who just walked by you, turned around and screamed at you, and it just stuck something in your arm, knocking you out. You wake up, scared out of your skull…defecating on yourself, being dehydrated.. you’re beginning to break down inside your mind on the image of the alien’s face…it’s scream… his real physical attributes. All these images and sounds are racing through your mind and you begin breaking down… you start to slide sideways in your cage, and your head just hit the other side wall.. you just… went into shock… and you knew that everything in your life..flashbacks.. everything you’ve experienced… all the good.. love.. family…friends… are all gone… no one in the world will ever believe you what you are experiencing…you went silent…from the corner of your eye, you see this alien being bending over looking at you in your cage… you are thinking, ‘please help’… you knew then that this being has the power over your life…

    You pass out. You wake up and look around.. you’re back on your bed in your own home. You do not remember what happened at the moment, as you cannot immediately recall. You continue life as if it was like what you’ve always known. Years go by, one day, you are working at your place of employment, you began experiencing some form of flash back.. images keep hitting you here and there. You could not understand where you’re getting this from. You keep seeing this image of an alien’s face.. and the sound that it emitted… you keep getting this feeling of fear… and don’t exactly understand what’s happening to you. That same night, you were in bed after having watched a movie on TV, fell asleep… and all these images, sounds… started coming back to you. You wake up profusely.. heavily sweating… saying ‘oh my god’…

    You try to share this experience with others.. but only ended up getting shunned by your family, friends.. they do not believe what you’ve experienced. You attend counselling with a psychiatrist, telling him/her what you’ve experienced. He/she suggested to do a form of regressive hypnosis. You agreed. After you just woke up from this hypnosis session at the snap of the finger by the psychiatrist – he/she just sat there with eyes wide open, amazed.. and tells you to listen to this tape recorder….. you listen to what you’ve said… you are starting to become scared..


    “Oh wow MAN!.. look at that!.. That’s a UFO, man!”… “I got it on camera!.. I am so posting it on facebook!..twitter too!.”… Those posts just went viral, 15 thousand views in a single day.. Youtube just rang off the hook on your subscriptions, “UFOs!” as a header… reading the comments, like they’re on repeat.. saying “FAKE!” “CGI!”..

    UFOs, going by your house, in the skies.. “what the heck is this? an invasion?”…your children look up from the front kitchen slide door window.. “Daddy, what are those?.. flowers?”…

    News announcement just came over the radio.. on these UFOs, so you race to your living room to turn on the TV…

    “We still have not confirmed these are just simply crafts of unknown origin, although these could be drones..the FAA is currently investigating and the FBI just joined the scene as well…”

    You’re thinking.. WOW.. this is on the news!.. so you and your children race back to the kitchen slide door entrance and still are seeing these ‘ufos’ going by… an entire armada…

    Until one of them stopped midair… and began hovering over your back yard. Shiny as it is, it looks just like a flower of many colors. “Daddy, look! it’s flowers!”… You decide to think about this deeply… you knew you have a gun hidden somewhere… You were thinking that your children shouldn’t see this.. “Amanda, go up to your room now!, you too Boyd!”.. “Daddy why? no!”… “I want flowers!”..your daughter begins crying.. Your wife just came in the front door, “Arnold, are you seeing this?”… “I am in the kitchen at the door!”.. Your wife just met up with you in your kitchen.. saying ‘oh my god’.. your wife begins taking your children up to their room and locking the door behind.

    You just stepped outside.. into your back yard… with a .357 magnum in hand. The UFO is silent.. no sound made, but flashing like a flower… It is no bigger than the size of your car… You decide to point your gun at it.. then the UFO’s colors started to act erratically..your wife is standing behind the glass door, watching you… all of a sudden the shiny UFO immediately accelerated into the sky towards space.

    TV News: “Breaking news, now we’re no longer seeing these so called ufos which the FAA strongly suspect they’re drones of unknown manufacturing.. ”

    You were stunned. You just walked back into your house, talking to your wife. Saying ‘Wow.. that was amazing..”; Wife says “Maybe it knew you had a gun pointed at it?, scared them off?”..

    As the days go by, you began telling your friends at work about this experience you had. One of your buddies immediately brought up, “Hey good idea, let’s go to Shackles tonight!”.. A bar.. with many pool tables.. good wine.. good beer.. whisky all at your fingertips.. You thought it was a great idea. Becoming drunk, you started telling people at the bar counter of this great amazing experience… People were scoffing at you.. “Oh really? ha ha “…

    A week later, you began fighting with your wife… something that you have never really done before. You and your wife were always tight knitted together, never really had an real argument of any kind, just those arguments in the past were minor and easily resolvable by compromising with each other. A year later, you’ve divorced your wife and had lost your children to her custody. You lost your job and you have lost your friends. Friends were calling you’re crazy. Your boss told you to seek help, firing you at the same moment… You are depressed… sitting on a recliner…in an apartment of your own, after losing your own home.. You took the .357 magnum, the very same gun that you held pointed at the UFO… pointed to your chin..and pulled the trigger. You’ve ended your life.

    These above are a couple examples of severe mental shock when encountering the bizarre, involving aliens and UFOs. Things that you have never really believed in nor experienced before. Mental shock of this kind, should warrant serious psychological counseling. Always seek help from anyone if you can, who have an open mind on these subjects. I know they are rare in our today’s world, but there will be help in some way, some how… coming to you.

    There are various forms of mental shock, as it greatly depends on how you are mentally capable of handling it. One has to wonder why these UFOs, Aliens, the bizarre, are not really associating with us today, just only in a distance.. but maybe once in a while, up close. It seems that whatever intelligence they are, they know how this can impact you and your life. Although just like us, there are good and bad things out there… a constant battle between the two.

    As technologies go, you can easily assume they have the ability to cloak themselves, and of such things. On my behalf, They do – We also know just how bad it can get for you if you were directly influenced by these bizarre things. It takes training of the mind to bypass these types of mental shock, because all your life, you have always been direct and imbued into work, going to school, having a family, and so many things that are considered the norm for this world.

    On a personal note:

    It is true, I have been training a few people – to help understand what this is all about and why.

    When I was gone for those “3 days” in that tent scenario (written in my other article on here) – I was actually gone from Earth for 1000 years, and I’ve received training of the mind. When I came back, 3 days had simply passed. As an ancient rule – “1 day here on Earth equals 1000 years”. This calculation currently doesn’t make sense, but it will, in time when science starts understanding ‘time differentials’ and their theories.

    Well… As Annunaki, we love this world. We love you… We could never hurt you in any manner, at least try not to. We may have had our arguments, fights and so on, on what to do when serious things happen, but all in all, we never have really taken steps beyond our measure. Despite what was written in history, Man was NEVER our slave, but as a child to us. After all, we are human too – There are a lot of misconceptions about what was written of the Annunaki.

    Figure it out, there’s a reason why all this is coming out into the open. I am sharing things with you that should never be shared. Surely we had our problems – we are not perfect. We’re just as human as you are. If we were malevolent today, Earth would’ve been taken over or destroyed. Mankind would cease to exist.

    There’s a reason why you exist…..

    So yes, our SUN is the portal to the other side. There’s a way to access that portal. Figure it out – share it all if you wish. ‘Nibiru’ means many things… but it’s most definitely not a planet.. ..never was..


    These are the days of the tribulations.. if you’re a religious fellow, you would know what that means. Now it does not mean it is completely accurate nor is it definite. Things can and will change over time.. doesn’t mean these things will happen, but be it may that these things could.

    That is all.

    I believe this is my last article on here.. at least for a while.

    Peace out
    Love you all
    Jake – (An)

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