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    IGIGI –

    Sigh… Here I go again!…. I wanted to STOP posting for a while but since this topic came up on a recent Leak Project podcast regarding Michael Tellinger and his South African adventures… I feel compelled to tell the story of the IGIGI and get a few things right about them.

    In the beginning….

    On our original homeworld, we had three different races. This was a result of the comet impact to the planet, hundreds of thousands of ‘years’ long before the species on that world became extremely technologically advanced. These species grew up together and coordinated with one another. When the “monarch” regime took over the governance of the planet, all three species got along fine with each other – because they knew they could not afford war or any disruptions.

    After the EMAH destroyed our world and having narrowly escaped with our lives to this solar system, these three races were all that was left of us. In this solar system, We were called the Ann’na’gen; Ann’una; Anuna; Annuna; Annunaki, Anunaki – in respect to the leader Anu. The word “Ann’na’gen sounds like “Anna Nogk geen” but actually we had our own original name as “ra-mayon” – long story, but “Annunaki” would suffice. (Don’t really care about the names as long we existed).

    Ok the word ‘ig gi gi’ is a profane slang word in our culture. Every time someone did something offensive in our culture, we called that person ‘ig gi’ or in our english language as “wide eyed “dumb person”. The closest word in our english language to the ig gi, is the word ‘idiot’. In our culture, we had a few “wide eyed” people who had no respect for the rest of our species – they were just as bad as we could have been here on Earth.

    Anyways, the 3 races of the Annunaki –

    We categorized ourselves into THREE separate classification. As a long time rule, we had ALWAYS followed the RULE OF THREES. <— remember that, when researching the history of the Annunaki. Now in Ashkadian language; the language of the original Annunaki, I try to define it in English terms:

    – Designer (leadership Caste)
    – Worker (Worker Caste)
    – Researcher (Scientist – Research Caste)

    We had a CASTE system of the way we governed our world at the time. Description of the CASTES.

    – Designer – is the leadership caste.. the Royal Hierarchy and their groups. (Anu, etc etc)
    – Worker – is the worker caste … the Royal Workers, Seal of Timers, Military, etc, and their groups. (Sin’u, etc etc)
    – Researcher – is the science division, the royal council, Developers, Creators, and their groups. (Enk’i, etc etc)

    Now all three of these castes worked together in tandem. The Designer caste had people who were above 10 feet tall, up to 16 feet tall. The worker caste, were smaller people, very similar to us, humans. The researcher caste, is a mix of all three.

    In South Africa, the worker caste had designed their own projects as ordered from the leadership caste.

    – Science division came up with QUANO technology. Quano technology was used as PAINT embedded in many different things as it had multiple uses for. The Quano generator as you see in the annunaki depictions, are the designers that manufacture the technology at similar picometer sizes, and the researcher caste would extract quano with what looks like “pine cone” devices from the generator and place them in their buckets. Then when those buckets are full, they mix the sun powered essence in with it along with the saffron juice. Each mixture guarantee their way of making and molding things; adding to rewritten organic materials (DNA, etc etc) all the way to space craft designs. Quano was heavily used in those days with various things. (Edit: Example – take a good look at the schist disk.. or sabu disk in Egypt… how did they do that with metasiltstone?)

    (In fact, we are VERY close to Quano technology in our time… The more they study about NANO METER technology, they will eventually figure out how to create Quano – because the similar picometer size designs ALLOW attachment to the Quantum states; such as quantum entanglement, string theory, and so on) The studies of nano devices are everywhere on the internet if you do research.

    Anyhow, South Africa, in the general wide area, at the time, the Annunaki would group up there, and form a new temporary caste of the 7 brothers. Each brother and his group were called the “Sin’u” named after the main leader of the group, “Sin’u”… So this individual was a military officer of the royal military, a scientist and a worker, all three in one.

    In respect to Anu, the overall leader and emperor, Sin’u was ordered to build a minimum of 2500 pyramids on Earth. So he would pick out the rest of the ‘team’ and started working on the projects. Somewhere in South Africa, has the first pyramid built, which is hidden deep in the crust of the Earth because it’s a quano wave harvester and emitter. According to the pictures demonstrated by Michael Tellinger in the pod cast, those buildings were Quano wave generators. True fact. Quano wave generators are Quantum Entangled (Quano) Audible devices.. and this is why your cell phone, etc, will not function with satellite or ground technology near these generators. These audible devices cancel out any other wave transmissions at the area – These buildings were specifically made with Quano technology embedded in the stones. (painted on them). In order to prove this as fact, you need to take one of the stones (not eroded, nor weathered) and take a very good look at the quantum level under an electron microscope. It only takes a very tiny stone to knock out or cancel out radio waves, and etc – and it would still be powered today because quano machines rely on the magnetic energy grid of the Earth.

    I have a video – which shows this quano technology – which came off of the Anku Amulet. The quano tech itself is embedded in the metal of the amulet behind it and in front of it too. Watch this video below – carefully. You will see the amulet, the close up of it and then the description of the Quano technology in the next video. It has 4 videos combined in one video. I tried my best to take a up close picture of the quano circuitry – as the circuits are big enough to be visible by naked eye, when the Quano design by themselves are not, as it would require a electron microscope to look at.

    YES THIS IS REAL… IT’S NOT FAKE. It is healthy to be skeptical, as I was. I first thought this was a toy until it numbed my fingers by touching it. I even used a razor blade and a knife to cut the stone in the middle, but it wouldn’t cut. I thought it was plastic… but no, it’s a real stone alright. Real metal.. otherworldly.. This was passed down through family and it was finally given to my sister after my mom passed away because Female type Anku amulets are designed for women only – as explained in the video below. Males are not meant to touch it. This was in my family ever since our family lore of the Ann’a’gen (annunaki) came to surface in written books by Sitchin. My family knew of these ETs long before Sitchin or others ever came to translate their tablets. It was simply kept to ourselves and most of my young life, I didn’t believe a single word my mom told me about them – until I started witnessing and experiencing things that I should not, in fact nobody should have. “UGGGHHH Dad!.. Mom’s talking about ALIENS AGAIN!”

    So, the 7 brothers (Workers caste) grouped up in South Africa (wasn’t called Africa at the time) and they went on with their business of finishing the main pyramid complex project. They built these generators all over the place so it could power the main harvester plant in the first pyramid. Once that was done, then these buildings, etc, were left to rot.. abandoned. After they have done so many projects, something took a hold of them and corrupted them. They began to redesign their own genetics using Quano technology, one brother would turn his skin black, while the other brother turn his skin white, other brother messed with his facial features, turning his face into mongolian, Sin’u the main leader of the group turned his skin blue, other brother turned his skin red – etc etc.. Each brother experimented on themselves and went on their separate ways after the pyramids projects were almost complete. Each brother then had the idea to breed with many females they can it can corrupt the lineage of mankind.

    Then a war broke out in the same area in South Africa – each brother was going after each other… they killed their own people, killed a few annunakis, (leadership and science caste) – Anu with his Ahura Mazda ship appeared and started fighting in the skies above Africa with these people in their crafts. He called them IGIGI which means IDIOTS.. then Sin’u detonated an neutron bomb in another country – (India)…killing many people of creation along with Enki’s… Anu and his ship arrived in India and Sin’u attacked the ship with another neutron bomb and their group ships… It didn’t hurt the Ahura Mazda – not even singe it.. and the ship fired back destroying the entire landscape where Sin’u was located at. No wonder ANU gave up and started drinking… he said “fk this sh*t”.. yea…

    Hell of a story heh? … this would be a GREAT SCI FI MOVIE! The beginning of the Annunaki and how they came to Mars-Earth, fighting the Emah, enemy, etc etc..


    It isn’t science fiction. It actually happened.

    So.. prove it, most people will say… Yes, science will prove this, in time. Authentic scientists who have extreme knowledge of Archaeology, Technology, and so forth.. will discover and have discovered these historical artifacts, evidence and so forth…along with our discoveries of technologies.. i.e crashed space crafts, new inventions, etc…

    Take a good look at the depiction of the Nuremberg UFOs of 1561. Guess who that black triangle ship was? …. The Ahura Mazda has 3 modes – It can spread out into wing design, form into a triangle or move the bottom part of the ship to make a double triangle design. The ship itself has a quano based painted hull, which uses these quanites (nanites) to determine shape, and so many things.

    Hard to believe HUH!… I know.. I didn’t believe it either until I’ve seen it.

    That’ll be all – Enjoy the video below from me – YES THIS IS REAL.. THIS IS REAL.. THIS IS INSANELY REAL!.. YES REAL… BELIEVE IT OR NOT. 18+ and older please… No kids!

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    Postcount 1, contact me as soon as you can. You must have known releasing this kind of information could have repercussions, we need to talk. Regards, Nick Young, Sancto Claro.

    Postcount 95


    Postcount 95, contact me as soon as you can. You must have known releasing this kind of information could have repercussions, we need to talk. Regards, Nick Young, Sancto Claro.

    I’ve sent you an email. FYI.

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