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    Ok this news to me it’s a gut feeling thing and so I made some videos on me and what I’m trying to do as the Anti-Christ, I wanted to put my self out here as well and I would like it if some of you here can view my content and by what I say in thoughts could it be that I am the Anti-Christ – Now if possible If someone could put me in touch with the NWO or send them my video to review them, as I’m the opposite of what I’m suppose to be as dictated. What I’m suggesting is that they all have it wrong. The one’s who wrote the Anti-Christ “character” was from the view where there are the protagonist – the innocent one’s. When in fact they are Antagonist’s and the Anti-Christ is a Champion in other words The Champion hunts down and destroys things that are Anti-Christen ~ Like the NWO and the Cabal and Satanists. Did the NWO get it wrong? Did they try and steal the Anti-Christ and name it for themselves to find out there 100% dead wrong?

    Let me know yes I know my quality blows on the video’s it is a 15 year old FUJI camera and my first attempts at doing videos, I did do it in my garage tho? 🙂
    What do you think of this ideal for the idea of it?

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