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    Saturday January 13, 2018 – Citizens of Hawaii receive Emergency ALERT that ballistic missiles are inbound, to take shelter immediately… then Democrat Senator Tulsi Gabbard tweets that it is just a FALSE ALARM. California and South Korea also received false Emergency broadcasts.

    Similar to what happened in CA September 22, 2017. You guys remember that? First of all, if this is a hacker or hackers, how is this the 2nd time hackers have been able to successfully do this? Is our National Security System that weak? Or… Is this an inside job? If so, why? I personally think it’s a way to implant fear and this fear is going to cause a reaction from the planet. Even if this wasn’t intentional, there are still consequences of the fear. Mother earth will react to our reactions. I wouldn’t be surprised if this triggers an earthquake or some other natural disaster. Also, our bodies and moods react to all of this as well. We’re all connected…Remember all of the earthquakes and hurricanes that occurred immediately after September 23. All of the September 23rd apocalypse believers thought that legit end of the world events were occurring. Perhaps all of it was simply the Earth’s reaction to the collective fear…Just sayin…

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