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    sometimes the truth is right in front of us as the other day the YouTube shutdown that spawned so many theories of what happened. if you think about each individual explanation of what really happened. my observation of the event is that it was really a magnetosphere event took place causing the low satellites supporting part of the internet mostly google links being disrupted from the planetary alignment causing the magnetosphere to shrink and allow planetary satellites to sustain damage.
    there was also a connection with the moon that it had lost our protective screen. there was a collision event from asteroids as well. the two-hour event could have been trying to regain control and or rerouting internet feeds. of course, there is yet another explanation of this event being political and the testing of a deep state kill switch to launch a fully armed overthrow of the government. whatever it is we are still here and we still command our own future.
    please log onto for a detailed breakdown of all information

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