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    I did a Google image search for this because the curiosity over it will not die down, behold, translated from Russian~!

    Probably, many have heard the name “Fauci”.

    This is the doctor in charge of the state of affairs with COVID19 in the USA. So, the photos in which Dr. Fauci with Bill Gates father, Bill himself, George Soros, David Rockefeller tell us that he is part of Big Pharma and that the Americans, as well as the rest of the world, have nothing good in the near future does not shine.

    Gates also appeared in the company of a pervert, pedophile, provider of sec-services to minors of the world elite Epstein, who, as we all know, did not kill himself.

    If someone thinks that everything will work out soon, then he is deeply mistaken. It will only get worse.

    And it’s not about the consequences and victims of the flu-like COVID19, but about the policy that they will pursue under the guise of a panic over COVID19, from which no more than 0.9% of patients die, but about the figures themselves with photos promoting what they need .

    We hope you now understand why the American broadcaster CBS was caught using footage from the Italian intensive care unit in a story about the current situation in New York, where she added medical staff and patients to make sure that all morgues / hospitals in the USA are crammed corpses.

    Meanwhile, according to the latest data from the Italian National Institute of Health ISS, the average age of deaths with positive testing in Italy is currently about 81 years.

    -10% of deaths over 90 years.

    -90% of deaths over 70 years.

    -80% of deceased suffered from two or more chronic diseases.

    50% of deceased suffered from three or more chronic diseases. Chronic diseases include, but are not limited to, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory infections, and cancer.

    – Less than 1% of the deceased were healthy people, that is, people without chronic diseases.

    -Only about 30% of the dead are women.

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