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    Gail Frances Stumm Andrew Zebrun III Folks, only 1000 people worldwide have seen this video. I am fortunate enough to have been one of those people. This was put out yesterday, and for those who know, it’s from GENE. To all who do not know who he is, he is high-level government Intel. I am being dead serious right now. You absolutely must listen to this and pass it along.
    Melatonin 3x/day KILLS cv!!!!!! So does an alkaline environment, as well as being in very low or very high temps. Of course the MSM is not telling you that. Fake news spreads fear, not the truth. Let me also remind you that this is much less serious than the typical flu, but it is highly contagious. Having said that, I refer back to my first statement. Everyone relax. Did you know that Oprah had a private island off the coast of Washington state? It’s called Spiegel Island. I beg of all of you to watch this video and spread it like wildfire! There’s great stuff in here.

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