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    Click to read~! #Fluoride is the total worst, rat #poison, #neurotoxin, absolutely of no value to the human body, #carcinogen, causes #ADD, avoid at all cost.

    If you try to pin down the story that the Nazis used fluoride to subdue concentration camp inmates, it’s very hard to prove. You sometimes find the story of Charles Perkins mentioned, an American chemist who prepared a report after visiting the camps. But nothing definite.

    Now, there’s a letter by Perkins that provided conclusive proof, insider confirmation, that this story was absolutely true, and also that the #Nazis learned this from the Soviets when Hitler and Stalin were best pals.

    This letter is in a book called Mind Control, World Control, by Jim Keith. It calls itself “The Encyclopedia of Mind Control”, and it does give a very comprehensive overview of the whole history of mind control by governments in the modern era.

    The Real Reason Behind Water Fluoridation — Is Not to Benefit Children’s Teeth

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