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    All of a sudden #falseflag attacks are exposed~!

    A new study released this week by the DOJ Inspector General found that the FBI dropped investigations on the Islamic terrorists behind several deadly terrorist attacks.

    ** Ft. Hood – Nidal Hasan
    ** Boston Marathon – Tamerlan Tsarnaev
    ** Garland, TX – Elton Simpson
    ** Orlando Pulse Nightclub – Omar Mateen
    ** NY Attacks – Ahmad Rahami
    ** Ft. Lauderdale Airport – Esteban Santiago

    Pulse Nightclub terrorists Omar Mateen murdered 49 gays on a dance floor before shooting himself.

    The Boston Marathon bombers killed three and injured 264 people.
    And then it took the FBI days to figure out the identity of the killers.

    The FBI was looking at these individuals but dropped the investigations before these Islamists went on their deadly killing sprees.

    This is really bad news for America’s premier law enforcement agency.

    Catherine Herridge

    DEVELOPING: New IG report “…we found at least six attacks committed in the United States by individuals who the FBI had previously assessed or investigated…” including 2009 Fort Hood, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, 2016 Pulse Nightclub READ: … @CBSNews

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    10:53 AM – Mar 4, 2020
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    The full report is here.

    Of course, the FBI had plenty of resources available to spy on Donald Trump and his family and to send 25 agents and a CNN camera crew to Florida to arrest Roger Stone and his wife at 6 AM in the morning.

    New Study Finds FBI Dropped Investigations on Terrorists Behind: Ft. Hood, Pulse Nightclub, Garland and Boston Marathon Islamist Attacks

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