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    Hello again!

    On this topic I want to share about what I know about what you call a “EMAH” – maybe to get a more clear understanding what it is, and why it’s important to know about this.

    First I would like you to look at this video that Rex posted. I also posted a snapshot of the video below in the attachments so you can look at it also.

    (I absolutely could NOT believe that Rex found this…)

    Starting at 1:14 in the video – you will see petroglyphs indicating a star and a spiral next to it. There’s another spiral art up on top which seems to be sending some sort of a ‘net’ downwards from it. In the snapshot photo below, you will also see this.

    EMAH – What is it?

    The “EMAH” is a name derived from ancient hebrew which stands for “Terror – Dread” according to these links:


    And according to this link: https://biblehub.com/hebrew/strongs_367.htm , that word is supposedly indicated throughout religious texts.

    The EMAH, according to ancient cultures all around the world, it is depicted as a spiral. However, in the video that Rex posted, it is extremely RARE to find a petroglyph explaining the story about the spiral and what it indicates. This is what caused my disbelief that it was found.

    In every research I have done over decades, I could NOT find one inkling of a petroglyph, photos, books, and so on, accurately telling the FULL story of the EMAH. All I could find are spirals.. nothing more. I had to pull a lot of information from various ancient cultures all around the world in many different pieces, to even get to this story. It is a long lost history of our ancestors AND from what Rex found, it ranges into astronomical odds that the entire story of the EMAH would be defined into one set of petroglyphs.

    The EMAH in ancient cultures believed to be a creature that resides in space – A creature which mimics a black hole, but has spirals and “arms” that comes out of the circumference and uses some sort of plasma energy. Again, to clarify: EMAH is not a black hole, but a CREATURE that mimics like one…

    July 1993, The name “EMAH” was given to me which came from an individual who I knew from North Idaho who was an Nez Perce indian. He called it the “Emah” because of references in his culture which led to this story. Long before they were Nez Perce, and previous culture, they were a different type of culture that believed in shamanism, otherworldly gods and so on. Unfortunately, He passed away in 2006, so I have lost all contact with that tribe. He was a shaman who practiced the arts involving otherworldly god structures and why they were worshiped by his ancestors.

    What was fascinating is the story he told me – and how it relates to other cultures all the way back to the Sumerians and even before them. Whether I Believed or not, this is exactly what I was told:

    – Emah entered our solar system.
    – Emah destroyed a salt water planet which resided in the area between Mars and Jupiter. (Having to do with a certain dense field which was the cause for it’s total destruction)
    – Emah then turned to planet Mars, attacking Mars – begun to “arch” the planet, killing the atmosphere, electrically arching the surface; according to legend – it sat there “eating” Mars for 5000 years. (Having to do with a certain less dense field)
    – Emah, in close orbit with Mars, also arched planet Earth. Destroying pyramids, other structures, etc, arching the surface. People had to run to their underground dwellings, caverns etc, to hide from the Emah. According to legend: They lived underground for the next 5000 years.
    – Emah, at the same time, while arching planet Earth, the destructed salt water planet sent planetary debris to Earth and it struck the top tip of the planet, but not directly impacting it, just like if it slid off the surface then back into space. According to Legend: This is what caused the global flooding and our modern “4 seasons”…

    In conclusion:

    The EMAH is a creature that resides in space. Upon acting like a black hole of some sort, it absorbs cores of planets by it’s plasma energy carrier wave. Dense fields of the planetary cores are what attracts the creature. Fields such as consciousness fields. This is where the theory of consciousness fields which emanates from a planetary core – according to other off-side studies.

    For the next 5000 years, some groups of people had to continue living underground because the areas that were arched by the Emah, became so radioactive, that people could not come out because every time they tried, people would instantly met death on the surface – so they were forced to core out tunnels to get to the other areas which were not radioactive.

    In the video, and in the snapshot photo below, you will see that story playing itself out. You will see the Emah ‘spiral’ sending forms of energy to the salt water planet which was close to the sun, literally destroying it and then moving above but next to Mars, arching both Mars and Earth.

    Fascinating story!… after all these years.. FINALLY… MANY MANY THANKS TO REX.. for getting this information to us. This validates the story the Shaman told me, about the Emah and what happened.

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    Additional information – someone just asked me about Mars, and how do I know that one of the symbols depict a planet and mars, plus earth? Photos are in the order given below and are marked in red for clarity:

    “saltwaterplanet1” – you can see a very faint depiction which looks like a human face plus what looks like ‘pieces’ all over from it. This is a depiction of the destruction of a planet; also a human face depiction with “pieces surrounding it” is salt. This is how I come to that conclusion that the depiction right there is a salt water planet.

    “Marsdepictionarrow1” – The ancient symbol for Mars is an “arrow within an arrow” – it shows that it clearly in this one. You can also see a being standing on the “arched energy line” coming from the spiral – This means that there used to be humanoid life on Mars. It can’t get any clear than that. Human being depiction standing on a line defines “consciousness” or “alive” –

    “archearth1” – It is clear in this part, the spiral was sending energy surges downward to the people. You can see people being “thrown in the air” by the impact. An arched energy from a spiral does cause a “net” formation of energy; aka plasma “thunderbolt” energy which looks just like a net! – Modern day version of a net being propelled out of a gun or a cannon demonstrates this. Plasma energy stream when it is propelled, does form into a net, as it splits itself into many ‘strands’ while being propelled. Hmm.

    It also demonstrates a being on the left side of the “net” along with the animals in the whole scenario only depicts Earth. There were beings in those days who had horns; which was an ancient term for “giant”.

    Hope this clears it up – Fascinating! .. however you interpret this is up to you – but this is how I see it.

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    Ancient Civilizations and Younger Civilizations:

    Before the cataclysm occurred with the EMAH scenario, civilizations built the megalithic structures on Earth. According to constant repetition of research, each megalithic structure did not have artwork or inscriptions on them. It was virtually unknown at the time who built these megalithic structures. Planet Earth was orbital upright, and did not have a tilt at the time. The moon did not exist according to other culture legends.

    When the planetary debris impacted the planet, it forced the Earth to wobble in a such fashion that the impact was so great, it even killed off a lot of animals, humans and so on. The impact must have been equal of that 100 million times of an atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima Japan. The megalithic structures within the blast range, was also affected by mega earthquakes resulted from the impact. This caused breakage throughout many structures nearby at the time.

    Theorists indicate that it was a comet which impacted the Earth instead, however, they discount the reason we have an asteroid belt. Technically there are four asteroid belts, but the most famous one is in the area between Mars and Jupiter. These belts are none other than of planetary debris or other types of debris. In recent times, scientists have detected a “dwarf type” planet within the belt and inside Neptune’s orbit. According to my research, ‘Ceres’ is an remanent of a planetary core. It is ironic that someone in ancient times would name this “CERES”…

    In ancient Roman religion, Ceres was a goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. She was originally the central deity in Rome’s so-called plebeian or Aventine Triad, then was paired with her daughter Proserpina in what Romans described as “the Greek rites of Ceres”


    A “Central Deity” only conforms to a “Center”… Makes sense. Someone out there knew that it is a planetary core, but allowing it to be designated to be a ‘dwarf planet’ instead.

    When a planet destructs, the core is the hardest of all of it’s materials and the energy provided becomes non-existent after it is no longer having a “shell aka outer core, magma, crust, etc” protecting it. The Emah scenario, the creature itself would have usurped all the energy from the core, thus making it into a dead core, a huge chunk of stone which once was supposedly molten.

    I attribute to the theory of the people of the Annunaki having built the pyramids, and all the megalithic structures on Earth. We know them as the “Annuna”; because of sumerian legends. Before their legends were written in stone, they were not known as the “Annuna”, as it is obvious that they had a different name which is unknown. This civilization would be the most technological advanced civilization ever on Earth. After the Annuna people disappeared from existence, the younger civilizations came into and claimed their megalithic creations as their own. They added or modified to these creations as if they were the ones who created them.

    In sumerian tablets, the ones which have not been yet translated, I believe they carry a story about the Emah, planetary destruction, and so forth. They need to be thoroughly translated so we all can have the full story.

    This concludes my final written piece on this topic of the EMAH.

    Thank you for reading.

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    Additional Information:
    In an attempt to ward off connection between Sumerian mythology and scientific perception, I did not include the real name of the “Emah” as so defined. It is actually the name of “God Marduk” which killed Tiamat. In ancient oral tradition of the Nez Perce, “Emah” has the same meaning as the Sumerian “Marduk”. Upon further research, you will find this to be true. That is all.

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