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    Currently I am writing and doing extensive research on many different topics. One topic in-particular is currently affecting me and my health. That controversial subject is cell phone towers and how they are affecting people daily. What I want to do is to show people how wireless communication is posing a major threat to our health.
    The symptoms were affecting me while I was in the comfort of my home. I began feeling very panicked, headaches, ringing in ears, tight chest and irregular heartbeat. While feeling this way everyday I began to wonder what was causing this to happen. I have been educating myself through these studies and process of elimination. Because of the severity of my health in Jacksonville,
    Florida and went to stay in Kansas where cellphone towers are very seldom seen. I stayed in a small farming town, so I could monitor my health without any interference. I was there for 1 month. I didn’t experience any of the symptoms there that I was experiencing in Florida. Since coming back to Jacksonville, all my symptoms have come back full force.
    My goal of writing about this subject is to educate the world about the RFR (aka: silent killer) that we are exposed to daily and how we can protect ourselves and our family from this harmful radiation. By using the professional and national data, I want to help find a solution that involves:
    1) Educating schools, daycares, elderly homes, doctors and the public about the harmful effects and the precautions to take when dealing with wireless communications.
    2) Exposing (EHS) Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity which is a condition that people claim to have sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. This is an actual condition that not all doctors have adopted as fact. The long-term effects of RFR exposure are as follows:
    1. Rises internal temperature of organs, (slowly cooking us on the inside). This causes the body to slowly break down over time. Resulting in muscle and body pains.
    2. Causes cancer and tumors all throughout the body
    3. Brain disorders: attention disorders, memory loss, Dementia and Parkinson’s
    4. Infertility in males

    Symptoms of EHS include:
    • Heart and nerve disorders, panic attacks, heart attacks
    • Fatigue
    • Ringing in ears
    • Dizziness
    • Insomnia
    • Skin rashes, prickly feeling
    • Pain and aching in muscles
    Many more symptoms have been found…….

    EHS is very real and it is affecting more and more people each year. Since the world is going wireless, humanity is not made aware of the consequences that non-ionizing radiation can cause to our bodies. We are not educated on what we can handle daily and what the affects are to the body from these radiation waves.
    I have been researching the affects that RF radiation has had on lab rat in the U.S and United Nations studies. The information that I discovered was shocking. So shocking that I felt compelled to share this information to the world. I want to bring an awareness to this subject. The people of the world deserve to know that this harmful radiation exists and what precautions they can take to minimize their exposure. The long term affects of this exposure could cause death and life altering consequences.

    CHECKOUT EMFscientist.org
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnyJwXvpJaI for ALARMING INFORMATION

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