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    Doomsday Glaciers in Antarctica Melting & Decide Fate of Worlds Sea Levels

    1-The Antarctic ice sheet is the largest mass of ice o earth containing enough water to raise the global sea level by 187’
    2-The glaciers of Pine Island Bay are two of the largest and fastest melting in Antarctica
    3-The Pine Island & Thwaites Glaciers are holing back an 11 foot Global Sea Level Rise
    4-Pine Island Glacier is responsible for about 25% of Antarctica’s loss of ice,-99.9999999,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!!2e7!3e27!!7i1920!8i1055!4m5!3m4!1s0xa4c592894db5ff6b:0x160e54135ad4629a!8m2!3d-75.166667!4d-100.0000001

    “The glaciers of Pine Island Bay are two of the largest and fastest-melting in Antarctica. (A Rolling Stone feature earlier this year dubbed Thwaites “The Doomsday Glacier.”) Together, they act as a plug holding back enough ice to pour 11 feet of sea-level rise into the world’s oceans — an amount that would submerge every coastal city on the planet. For that reason, finding out how fast these glaciers will collapse is one of the most important scientific questions in the world today.”
    Is the world headed for an ice apocalypse?

    Preparing the Worlds Largest Experiment
    In this article you will read about several programs designed to cut down on Solar Radiation. This is having a horrific impact on different parts of the atmosphere and could cause more harm than good. It also goes on to say the Entire World is the Laboratory and you are apart of the experiment. So basically we are lab rats in a giant petrie dish. How do you feel about that?

    I’ve also shared with you the Geo Engineering act of 2017 State of Rhode Island that explains how detrimental these Solar Radiation Management Programs are to the Stratosphere, in some instances destroying as much as 76% of the stratosphere. So my question is, if these Aerosol injections and nasty cocktails of aluminum oxide and other nasties are destroying the ozone and microwaving the planet. Are they even helping the Earth or helping to destroy it faster.

    What Percentage of Population lives on the Coast
    In 2010, 123.3 million people, or 39 percent of the nation’s population lived in counties directly on the shoreline. This population is expected to increase by 8% from 2010 to 2020.

    With Over 7.5 Billion People on the Planet and over 200 million of them live only 15’ or less above sea level with conservative estimates.
    What will happen to all the Caribbean Islands, the Bahamas, the East and West Coast of the United States. This is just the tip of the iceberg, no pun intended. What about the Coastal areas of Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, The Middle East, Russia, China, the South Pacific, the Entire World will be affected.
    So World Leaders and Scientists attempt to thwart the problem by putting a toxic gigantic planet wide bandaid into the atmosphere. Also the Paris Accord has been proven to be futile, even if all the countries in the world did exactly what the Paris Accord Treaty Requires, the Global Temperatures are still going to increase more than the World Population is prepared for. Now you can get into the Georgia Guidestone’s “Guidelines” and question the future vision their creators had. Such as a Global Council designed specifically for Planet wide experiments and projects.
    Now I’m certainly not on the bandwagon of the Guidestone’s and the keep the population at no more than 500,000,000 People at any given time and i do understand it. I’ve heard the argument that you could put everyone on the planet in Texas, but would you want to be that close with 7.5 billion other people?
    What is considered healthy? How much space to people really need? How many resources do humans need to consume? The more answers i come up with, the more questions i have. Its not as important, what i think, the question is what do you think as perception is a large part of reality.

    Pine Island Glacier (PIG) is a large ice stream, and the fastest melting glacier in Antarctica, responsible for about 25% of Antarctica’s ice loss.[3] The glacier ice streams flow west-northwest along the south side of the Hudson Mountains into Pine Island Bay, Amundsen Sea, Antarctica.

    The area drained by Pine Island Glacier comprises about 10% of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.[5] Satellite measurements have shown that the Pine Island Glacier Basin has a greater net contribution of ice to the sea than any other ice drainage basin in the world and this has increased due to recent acceleration of the ice stream

    The ice stream is extremely remote, with the nearest continually occupied research station at Rothera, nearly 1,300 km (810 mi) away.[8]The area is not claimed by any nations and the Antarctic Treaty prohibits any new claims while it is in force

    The Antarctic ice sheet is the largest mass of ice on earth, containing a volume of water equivalent to 57 m (187 ft) of global sea level.[10] The ice sheet forms from snow which falls onto the continent and compacts under its own weight. The ice then moves under its own weight toward the edges of the continent. Most of this transport to the sea is by ice streams (faster moving channels of ice surrounded by slower moving ice walls) and outlet glaciers.[10] The Antarctic ice sheet consists of the large, relatively stable, East Antarctic Ice Sheet and a smaller, less stable, West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is drained into the sea by several large ice streams, most of which flow into either Ross Ice Shelf, or Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf. Pine Island and Thwaites Glaciers are two major West Antarctic ice streams which do not flow into a large ice shelf. They are part of an area called the Amundsen Sea Embayment. A total area of 175,000 km2 (68,000 sq mi), 10 percent of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, drains out to the sea via Pine Island Glacier, this area is known as the Pine Island Glacier drainage basin

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    Be the Change You Want to See!

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    why doomsday? wtf . look its been much warmer throughout human history. most of the time much warmer then it is now.. check out these graphs i included. theres plenty of room on this earth . we are going into a new cycle and its a good thing. and please stop with the fear porn. the global warming nonsense is a scam to sell carbon credits. its all manbearpigs fault.

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