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    Doods! I am fucking messed up right now! Talk about a 180 from yesterday. So, Monday morning, I felt like something was coming. A message from Gaia mostly, is what it felt like, but I couldn’t connect. Oh ya! I also felt a lot of compassion and empathy for a lot of people. I was hit with a reality that there’s something I wasn’t being compassionate enough about. So, I decided to resolve that with these people and told them why I thought what I thought. I don’t know, for some reason it felt good and right. So, I did it. Love is spontaneous, right? But then my son got sick that evening, so perhaps mother nature was tapping into the mother in me? Well, so ya, Monday night Lukas started getting sick…vomiting .. Then I did Tuesday night. Sounds like your standard 24 hour flu, right? So I thought that’s what I was feeling coming on. Well, to put it best, Lukas and I are still having a hard time eating and have lower intestinal problems lol (the end! Lol) that was 4 days ago… No worries keeping up on the fluids all is good in the neighborhood. But no, dudes, now we’re getting better and I still feel something off. The number 24 popping out at me like crazy… My dad passed on the 24th…24 runes… 24min…plus, the fact that my dad passed at this time made me all the more resilient to the fact that I would allow his passing to affect me in a negative way for the holidays.Dudes…my dad was triggered in me today with an intense memory… It’s like something is trying to wear me down really bad. Get me super vulnerable, you know? But I decided I’m gonna go with it because I’ve had some of my best connections when I was most vulnerable. Know what I’m sayin? It’s the most brave and makes the most sense to me… But something more seems up with the 24th coming up… Am I wrong? I totally could be wrong, but if I’m right, I hope that something good is, “what’s up with the 24th”…Is there a bigger picture here? Or is this just strictly personal? 😕😕😕 Cuz other peeps be feelin some shiz too. I know I’m not the only one. Could be positive though. I’m not saying anything bad necessarily…

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