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    Disclosure: Hosts and Non-hosts:

    It is time for this information to come to light. It was a personal decision, and was not affected by any groups’ motivation nor the willingness of any individual to provide this information to the Leak Project and to the Public.

    WARNING: This information is NOT to be taken lightly. It is going to conflict with everything you may have ever believed in. It is extremely controversial in some degree. Please keep an open mind on this subject.


    What does a HOST mean to you? Everyone who I ever knew, have had some belief in the ‘spirit’ or ‘souls’ of individuals. Anyone raised in a religious background can provide such support to this perception. A soul can be considered as a “host” of a body, however, to specifically define, a host is not a soul, it is a real physical being that is light based, and in control of a human body. A “Host” individual, has empathy, understanding..love… willing to compromise, and such great positive things about this person.


    What does a NON HOST mean to you? Some people who I do know, seems to not have a “soul”, and are heartless – no display of empathy, only thinks of him/herself, and in such negative perception. Constant and repetitive ‘mistakes’ are done by this individual, a “non-host”; only way to define that person is “evil”; “vile” or even so disgusting.

    Sounds familiar? …. Everyone on Earth, knows AT LEAST one person who is a NON HOST.

    The HOSTS and NON-HOSTS ratio is currently 60/40 on this Earth.

    So, …. 1. If A “host” is an individual “light being” in charge of a human body, either by birth or walk-in, who are the “non hosts”?…

    Non Hosts rely on direct ‘Consciousness field’ programming of the planet. Since these are bodies which are empty or void of Hosts, it is completely programmed from birth. Sounds eerily familiar to Artificial Intelligence, is it not? … Non Hosts are learning machines but the only difference, is their personalities, actions towards others, etc which makes them “VILE” towards Hosts. It is not that difficult to detect a Non Host person.

    What if…. that this has been going on for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps millions of years, that we had our problems with “hybrids” on the surface of the Earth in ancient times, that we forgot who “raised them”…Hosts and Non Hosts being born and raised together, in so called fable of “Cain and Abel” scenarios, that we have simply forgotten who they were, and most likely forgotten who we, HOSTS were.

    WAR is constant on this planet. Hosts VS Non Hosts….. it is a FACT that we cannot deny. There is always some kind of war going on..small or large. Physical, Mental, or what ever you call it. We see this everyday, but subconsciously are blinded to what we, humans, have forgotten and how we defined our lives. The intermix of religion, worship, gods, and so forth is the most compelling answer to this “hosts vs non hosts” scenario.

    Only the truly AWAKENED will understand this.

    Awakening is like being born.. all over again. The quickening of knowledge which floods the mind of the awakened individual. Always the AWAKENED, is a HOST individual. The conditioning of regular growth programming has been finally breached, and slowly removed. The veil is being slowly opened…

    The ANNUNAKI knows this…..

    …. and so does the ARCHONS….

    A constant battle that had been going on long before mankind ever achieved consciousness. Consciousness is software for the body. The planetary magnetism factor provides this consciousness insertion in our bodies. It is what keeps us mobile…animated.. and always in motion. Science will need to have a better in depth understanding what our planetary core really does to our bodies and why. It will become important for science to understand this when mankind finally travel to other planets. There will be trial and error, of course, and it will aid science into understanding why.

    A NON HOST individual relies heavily and solely on the consciousness fields of the planet, while a HOST individual relies heavily on it’s own HOST fields and at the same time, using the consciousness fields as an added benefit.

    The Annunaki – in recent terms of discussion – yes, They ARE HERE – in fact, they’ve been here for a long time. Not physically but as “HOSTS” – however, it is a bit complicated when you define the Annunaki in terms of a Host – so it cannot be their original hosts, but instead, as a ‘split host’. If you are a HOST – you are a part of the Annunaki – because mankind, himself had geared towards a world FULL of humans in this specific template. We ARE ALL Annunaki, whether if that is hard to believe, however, the only difference, is the AWARENESS.

    This planet is Annunaki… ALL OF IT.

    Many people do not even realize who they really are until they awaken themselves or they never will. Those who never will, will never understand who they were. Those who have awakened, pretty much like myself, will finally understand who they were and why. The complication arose when the Annunaki had to “leave” Earth because of the cataclysm end result which affected their lives. They were forced to “Ascend” on a such level in regards to the end result, that they literally left their own bodies to rot on the surface of the Earth. The King Alulim, one of the first kings in mythology, incinerated these bodies of the once Annunaki “Gods” in the mountain range of Zagros. The Essence which was given to the humans long before the Annunaki primeval gods started dying out, is what saved mankind from extinction, from the ill gotten effects of the altered consciousness fields of the planet.

    This is history which was made, but without any certainty if it were ever to be written.

    On the other hand, the NON HOSTS people are physically Annunaki, like we are, but their awareness, is only based on brain programming, nothing more. This is why the word “HUMAN” has an distinct meaning. “HU” means NEW. I know, for a long time, even I, had a VERY HARD TIME believing this side of the story. I couldn’t believe that someone could be nothing but a machine – that person who I knew, only thought of himself, only cared about himself, had no remorse, no sympathy, nothing… just like a cold machine.. like a computer… HE FELT NOTHING for ANYONE. HE DIDN’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE EXCEPT HIMSELF. Ever met someone like that? Sure you did.. at least ONCE in your life time you will, if you haven’t, yet.

    Today, I walk among you – I can see you. I can see who you are. Hosts or Non Hosts.. Each individual that I see in a grocery store. It is automatic to me. I know each individual. Their pain… their wanton desires.. their “smell”… I know who you are. You can’t hide from me. I look at a photo of some random stranger on the internet, I know who that person is. I know if that person is alive or dead today. Every time I talk with you on the internet, I can pick up your consciousness field imprint every time you type on your machine, whether if it’s by smart phone or computer, no matter… I know who you are, no matter where you are. The strength of love within me, I can see why you suffer – I can see almost everything there is about you.

    Isn’t that a kick in the head?..Or… Isn’t that a kick in the nuts? … Don’t be scared after reading this. It is natural to be scared…. it takes a long time to understand any of this. The complication of knowledge, takes a while to understand. You can disagree, or dispute any of this, it does not matter. I am just some words that you are reading on your machine. Some of you can hear my voice through my words….. some of you cannot….

    The true Annunaki knows this. They have the ability to jump in NON HOST bodies at will – to understand and witness everything they do in life. The Archons have the same ability… If you realize that you are a HOST, then it is most likely you have already experienced these DREAMS… constructs… of being inside another person’s body.. or witnessing acts from other people.. Yea… You’re Annunaki… at least one of us…

    Host State Reality…..

    ….. Power…….

    Ahura Mazda…..

    Power of Wind.. to Escape….

    ….Non Hosts…. all they do.. is dream the abstract, nothing more. They wither and die…. fade away. Nothing to replace… They disappear forever. They were disposable… machines…. organic machines….

    So.. to conclude this.. IF you ARE one of the AWAKENED… but is having a problem understanding any of this.. Do not worry, the answers will come to you – in your own way of understanding it; your own perception. Every HOST individual have their own way of comprehension, perception and the way they try to solve their own lives’ riddles and problems…

    However…the end result is always the same.

    IF so.. then why are you reading this? …. why are you here?…. who are you?….

    Be the change you want to be….

    – Jake W.

    (Host of An… )

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    Our bodies are programmable machines, they are not inherently evil or vile. As a light being, realize that you are here because you CAN reprogram a body to be opposite. You can program it to be incapable of evil and only able to do good.

    I think you are making a mistaking by fighting the very same tool that allows you to change this reality.

    In my perception, all hosts are same to the degree they are consciousness, but there are still very distinct groups of “us”.

    You think for a fact that it is a fight between hosts and non-hosts so I have to disagree. It is evident to me that whatever group is causing so much destruction and waste cannot be non-host. A non-host experience is primarily about SURVIVAL. But the war on this planet is about CONTROL.

    I kinda come from the opposite position that all beings are nothing but machines, but after decades of perceiving idiocy, wastefulness and generally illogical behavior I realized that there HAS to be a be an entity that is hampering humanity and enforcing harmful negative behaviors.

    There is a force that is going to incredible lengths to suppress humanity. It isn’t concerned about resource scarcity or its survival. It seeks to actually create resource scarcity to further its control. You see this played out on news daily and its a trap to control non-hosts.

    I am not here to fight non-hosts. They just want to survive and I have no objection to that.

    None of this is actually hard to understand. Difficulty in understanding is testament to the incredible amounts of mind-control programming that human beings are under even from before birth. By the time most people get a sniff of these concepts they usually already have decade or 2 of counter-programming. But if that programming wasn’t there then these concepts would easily accepted because human beings are programmable machines. Understand this, take advantage of it.

    Of course it is important to consider that someone who is completely “empty” and has been programmed for decades. It would take decades to reprogram them even without factoring in that human beings ability to learn deteriorates over time. But if you manage to reprogram an adult, it stops that individual from spreading the programming and allows resistance to spread.

    For hosts, it only takes 1 moment of uncertainly, 1 moment without constant programming and they have possibility of dismantling all of their programming given enough time.

    I can’t remember who I am but I never felt that what I am taught I am is true to what I actually am. Even the description of my physical body is very simplified. The body is an area of space time. it can hold a multitude of consciousnesses just as there can be many people in a house.

    I say keep an open mind and… take everything lightly. Don’t get trapped by one idea.

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    Hello Rusty,

    Our bodies are programmable machines <— correct.
    they are not inherently evil or vile <— correct unless there’s a control factor.

    When the EMAH magnetically ripped this solar system apart when it was leaving; it caused serious damage to the Consciousness Field of the Earth and all the planets in the system. It’s leaving, formed a RIFT; a heavy magnetic shear between Mars and Jupiter. That RIFT was absorbed by our sun. The Consciousness field adapted to the harm and began restricting life form use. Before any of this cataclysm happened, it was far easier to create a life form from cloning, etc etc on the surface. It was far easier to build structures such like the pyramids, etc, using electrical force that we can no longer use today in this restrictive state.

    The Consciousness Field became “Vile” – which means “Corrupt” – Before the cataclysm, the consciousness field had it’s own empathy, emotion, etc. When it got corrupted by the magnetic shear due to the impact of intense plasma bolts on the surface of the Earth, the Consciousness Field slowly switched into survival mode. It has been in this survival mode ever since. This affected the neurological processes of beings who were here. It made them go insane and eventually it ended up killing them off. They were foreign to this planet. Today, this is why ETs, Aliens, foreign entities, CANNOT stay on the Earth very long. The CF will immediately begin attacking the “intruder”.

    Human beings who were the survivors of this cataclysm, over time, adapted to the new Consciousness Fields for their bodies. Since these human bodies were not foreign to this planet, the consciousness field bypassed such life forms including animals, plants and insects. Anything ‘considered’ foreign was immediately exterminated. Earth had a lot of foreign material on it’s surface in those days. Medicine was provided by the “Gods” to mankind to survive this after effect. The “Gods” could not survive it because they had a different physiological make up which was foreign to this planet. Mankind was created by genetic adaptation and the consciousness field looks at that very harshly. This is why our life spans have had been cut short from thousands of years to less than 100 years average. The Rift that was absorbed by our sun had a role in that as well, which affected this planet by it’s spectrum change.

    So, a NON HOST person – is automatically vile because the consciousness field is just that. Hosts vs Non Hosts.. it all makes sense of the reason why. A constant battle against the corrupt planetary consciousness. Now, in recent news, there has been talks about a magnetic excursion, etc, and also I detected an audible excursion as well. When the pole matches the frequency of the audible for this planet, it’s bound to do something or nothing at all. Is this a correction of the consciousness field? OR is it something else? The Audible frequency has never been contradicted before on this level. This is the first time in Earth’s history, that is having both magnetic pole and audible frequencies converge. In the past, there has always been just the magnetic reversal or excursion and never having to do with the audible.

    So, yes, you are correct that the Non Hosts are here to SURVIVE.. you’re 100 percent correct on that. This is why they’re fighting to survive and it has only gotten worse in the last 50 years or so, plus it looks like it will only get worse for the next 5 years. A short cut this time around. It’s going to go by extremely quickly… The description of a non host person was just examples in my article, to show the differences. An entity force hampering mankind – you will have to look at the Archons – 🙂

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    It is very interesting how your story has many elements that I heard before but also brings new distinct details I see for the first time.

    Have you heard about the hypothesis that our planet actually has 2 major competing CF right now?
    That our planets own CF is being undermined by a foreign CF that arrived around 80k years ago.
    The reason why a non-host human seem automatically vile is because the foreign CF is specifically targeting humankind to take over the planet. It expands the field through the specific technologies that our cities are full of.
    But it looks like non-human non-hosts are not affected to the same degree that humans are. That most animals and plants are still strongly connected to the planets original CF which isn’t vile. Nature doesn’t seem to have the same “vile” type of CF and that is why a high number of extraterrestial/extradimensional encounters happen outside cities, in nature.

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    The more CF gets ‘undermined’ – the more it becomes restrictive. It is essentially a fire wall. Yes, alien entities have long tried to override the current CF “parameters”, but yet failed to do so every time. This is the reason for the mutilation – abductions of animals and humans, as they were trying to figure out how to override it so they can get access to the non host template. No matter how advanced their technology is, they will never be able to access the non host format; i.e. taking over non host bodies because their hosts also have to be compatible with the CF. The so called ‘fire wall’ is the response mechanism on a planetary scale. This ‘fire wall’ is what’s causing the response on magnetic terms. The “fire wall” is considered as a “planetary archon”. Each planet that inhabits -creates any form of life, always build it’s own ‘fire wall’ in an attempt to prevent invasion. (A very good example is the movie “War of the Worlds” – where aliens attack Earth, kill people until later they died out because they weren’t “compatible” to the bacteria on Earth, such like that – that movie is a very excellent representation of the CF….. and of course a lot of people ARE aware of the CF..we’re not the only ones!…. Whatever names they use to define the CF.. it’s the same thing)

    Such examples:

    1 -In the current state, whoever the entity is, thinks that by lowering or weakening the Earth’s magnetic shield could cause access to the CF template. Tsk…they’re going to find out just how wrong they are once the audible convergence comes in.

    2 -There has been many reports all over this world regarding foreign hosts attempting to take over non host bodies; i.e “demonic” possessions, etc – but seem to not last long. Ever wonder why?

    3 -Alien abductions, impregnation, growing a hybrid child inside the womb of a human female then later taking the child out of her during a secondary abduction encounter – this is because they know that the planetary CF will begin attacking that hybrid child’s “life line” in an attempt to kill it. Foreign hosts – with foreign DNA mixed with Human DNA is a big NO-NO to the CF. This goes the same with true genetic hybrid animals – they don’t live long unlike the days before the CF change.

    Split hosts of the original hosts seem to be the only thing that is acceptable to the current state of CF in regards to compatibility. Until the CF is repaired, only nature of animals and plants remain connected to the original CF parameters… In recent times, scientists have attempted to create ‘mini brains’ – a neural network and they found that consciousness seems to support it because the creation is planet based. What will happen if they created ‘mini brains’ like on Mars for example, and decide to bring them to Earth? …. Do you think they will last long?

    Human, animal, and plant life uses the CF constantly…. compatibility; of course, it’s “software based” – that is, until they leave the CF’s sphere – to go to another planet. When Man finally reaches Mars, there will be problems with the CF of Mars.. It’s CF is still very weak.. and may not be able to support Human CF’s requirements. So, a possible medical remedy may be required by the time they physically land on Mars..because Mars have almost identical CF parameters to Earth, but just a tad off in audible frequency terms, magnetic frequency terms, etc.. and the CF’s resonance was depleted by the Emah and it takes a while to rebuild the resonance frequencies to support life on it’s surface. Today, Mars SHOULD have some life forms growing on it’s surface.. perhaps small animals or some sort by now. It takes a very long time for a planet that was FULLY victimized by the Emah to heal and return to it’s pristine state.

    So, the ancient “astronauts” who came to our world, KNEW beforehand how compatible they were to this planet, that is, until the CF was altered. Now do we see any of these guys around here? …you know.. physically and commonplace?… no.

    Technologies that we use in our cities, such as 5G, cell towers, radio transmission towers and so forth, does infringe a little on the CF’s basic template inside our bodies. However, our bodies are very adaptable, and it can adapt to those frequencies over the long run and the CF will not pay any attention to it. BUT NOW- there are legitimate concerns… here and there and what can cause certain forms of cancer, etc, the “baddies” to result from.

    Hmmm.. well that’s all I can say on this subject.

    Thanks Rusty for sharing your views!…

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    What if all those sources of cancer are only cancerous because there is a type of energy field that actively tries to take over biological bodies. It is constant pressure and as such cancer will occur at any area of the body where the defenses are weakened enough.

    It would support the claim how simply being in nature can totally eradicate cancer.

    Looking at things from a much larger scale – do you think the “firewall” at the edge of the solar system is also a type of defense mechanism of a wounded solar system or is that normal state? It would make sense to have some form of barrier in any case.
    I imagine the solar system has its own CF that restricts what kind of beings can come here on top of Earth.

    So many different sources point to us being a sort antibody of the universe. Here to fight an infection. No wonder the baddies love us so much :D.

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    Everything is energy. Balance must be made or else cancerous forms will occur. Advanced particle physics comprehension would be required at this level in order to deal with cancerous energy in the body.

    Firewall at the edge of solar system moves along in it’s sine wave motion as the rest of the system. There are always three layers to everything before adding the firewall due to injury.

    Solar systems have their own “laws of physics” according to each system. You can consider that as CF of the system. Going from our system to the next, will require obeying the new rules of that system. Advanced knowledge is required before going to a new system. You don’t want to end up with a day old life span in the new system, now do we?

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    Thanks for all the info, Jake. It is very appreciated.

    I am curious how long it took you to acquire all this knowledge?

    I myself have been “aware” only like 2 years although I have felt some things are quite off for 2 decades (turning 30 next year).

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    Well… where can I start?

    I became aware in January 2012. Before 2012, I didn’t believe nor knew much about UFOs, Aliens, etc etc. Mostly what I knew was what was passed down through my family. Even with that, I didn’t have interest in it. When I was 22 years old, I became an ordained minister of the baptist church. When my friend, the pastor, passed away, I had to take his position temporarily until a new pastor was established – that is, until August 18th 1995. A bizarre incident occurred involving me and both my parents.

    I was living in an apartment with my girlfriend at the time, and I had a job in the city, you know, the normal routine of life. Working, paying bills and so forth. On August 17th 1995, I received a phone call from my dad, telling me to get my butt down to their house and he wouldn’t say exactly why because it wasn’t “safe” on the phone, as he indicated.

    So… During that time, my girlfriend had left to California on vacation with her mother, so I headed down to my parents’ house. I asked what’s up and why my dad needed me there. He told that Mom, my brother, and him saw UFOs the night before and think that they will show up that night too. I was like.. “Ha Ha – yea.. right… “… “you were drinking again!.. “.. He said NO.. was just barely drinking at the moment of said incident.

    I told both my parents “OK.. show me…” I was so full of doubt that if anything like that would happen again, would a very slim chance of happening anyways. I simply didn’t believe them. That night, I had a beer with Dad and Mom.. went up to the hills, sat there at the bench there, which was at the overlook – looking over a lake. I told dad, it’s getting very dark, he said WAIT…

    6 UFOS.. orange… spheres… showed up way in the distance across the hills.. one orange sphere showed up like if it was 50 miles away.. I was like “Holy SH….”.. ok… I stood up from the bench and started walked towards the edge of the platform, and I was saying,.. WOW… My dad said.. see I told you. That one UFO in the distance was way off and all of a sudden it “zoomed” like a streak across the sky to join the rest of them. The whole thing was moving in a clock wise formation, and all of them except one disappeared. It was just the sole orange sphere sitting there in the sky. I started whispering prayers that the first thought in my mind, that these things were demons.

    I woke up on the ground next to my parents’ car. My mom and dad got up too, and wondering what the hell happened and started blaming it on bad beer. I could not recall anything – nothing. So, we went home and I decided to stay over night, visiting my brother, talking about what we just saw. My brother brought up the abduction scenario where we could have been abducted by whatever these things were and got memory wiped or suppressed. I told him, I certainly don’t feel anything up my butt or anything. He started laughing.

    Next morning I turned on the living room TV and CNN news came on reporting that there were strange orbs of light crossing the california-nevada border. I was thinking maybe it’s the same orbs. However, I shook my head and moved on with my life from there.. didn’t even think any different. I went back to church and something kept bothering me. I couldn’t complete my sentences at sermon, and something was irritating me within. I couldn’t tolerate it and I got worse in socializing with friends and members of the church. When the new pastor was established, I told the congregation that I am no longer going to be attending church, as I am having an internal conflict of some kind. This internal conflict only started to get worse. I couldn’t understand what was bothering me. All they said, was they were going to keep praying for me, wanted me to go into counseling, etc. I declined the counseling because I knew whatever I told them about what we saw, is going to sound so bizarre to them and of course, would attribute them to demons.

    A year later, girlfriend and I got married at the church, and I keep having these bizarre dreams – and it started to affect me more than usual along with the internal feeling of conflict. As a result, I couldn’t stop pestering about things, and having bad attitude about so many things. As a result I lost my post office job, and ended up being so distant from my wife. My wife started having an huge amount of health problems, requiring her to have so many surgeries, and we just simply couldn’t handle it any more. We pressed on, moved on to another state, because a job was offered to me by my god father, involving the Air Force, and things I have learned over there, wasn’t much except a few things which surprised me over time. My wife kept on having these major health problems, requiring her to have more surgeries.

    Medical debt bogged us down. We could no longer afford to live on our own, so we had to be roommates with friends. After I no longer worked for the Air Force, I couldn’t handle it… We just went down big time. We ended up becoming homeless, living out on the streets and could not get another job elsewhere. Wife couldn’t get a job due to her health, so we both ended up having moving back to Idaho and tried to find a place to live. It was horrible, through and through. The same roommate we had, invited us back to live with him again, and in a course of time, we finally got an apartment of our own, on low income status. It was better than nothing, but Eastern Idaho was one cold son of a gun during winter time, and we tried to figure out a way to make more money to live.. you know.. just to live and get by on. A friend who was one of my neighbors at the apartment, asked if we could open up a business of some kind. So, we went back to school online, and got our degrees, and a couple years later, opened up the business.

    However, during those days, I kept getting worse and worse. My attitude was just skyrocketing, I couldn’t control my anger because I was so frustrated being so broke all the time even after all the work I’ve done in the business to earn money. I made quite a bit of good money but most of it went to her medical bills. She ended up getting sued by the medical recovery for not paying some of her other medical bills, so we were forced to keep right on paying them as much as we could. She had amassed over $300,000 with the medical bills with so many surgeries of hers. I even had been tempted to call it quits and divorce her right there…. but somehow, I just kept pressing on. I have had always kept this faith… “in health or in illness”… “to my wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part” – that quote kept me going .. and have kept me going with her… I never stopped even though I was tempted to from time to time….

    In 2009, We moved back to the western part of the state, to join with another friend of ours- as we were offered our own place to stay, rent free. Just that I had to deal with my own utility bills. We were still hogged down with her medical bills. My friend says, why not just file medical bankruptcy… that will solve it right there. Bizarre dreams occurred on a daily basis, and I kept seeing strange things, but I kept suppressing them, as I didn’t believe. My attitude was so horrible that my friend had no choice but to evict us in October 2010. We were right back where we started… on the streets again. I called my mom and told her what was going on, and she said WHY not come home? … you had enough of this stuff.. you’re not going anywhere anyways. I said sure, but where are we going to sleep? My parents’ only had 2 trailers, one large and 1 small one and both my brother and sister were living with her, to take care of my elderly mother after my dad passed on in 2003.

    Something told me.. to get a tent.. and put it in the back yard. Live in it. And so we did…..we bought a cabin tent, put it up in the back yard. Winter wasn’t so bad in the winter months of 2011, and we lived in the tent for over a year. When Wife needed to have another surgery after Jan 2012 -this time it’s her right shoulder, full surgery. I was about fed up with all this crap. One day, there wasn’t much snow on the ground, there was a report on Tv that there’s a nasty winter storm coming in. I started drinking whisky, beer.. and got so drunk.. I passed out on the couch in the living room. I somehow got up and went out in the tent. Snow was blowing in, started to pick up… I didn’t close the zipper on the tent.. I just passed out on the floor in front of the unzipped door.

    I woke up, feeling really stiff… and went into the main trailer, and my brother asked me where the heck I’ve been? Your wife has been calling for you for 3 days now… 3 days I said?… confused… all I remember was passing out on the floor drunk. I told him that.. he said he didnt see me there, and there was a nasty snowstorm so he zipped up the tent. I shook my head and got into the bathtub.. ahhh the warm waters… I became so disoriented, that I turned off the light in the bathroom and stayed in the tub. I woke up in cold water, I got out of the tub and turned the light on, and there was blood everywhere in front of me, my face, my chest.. both my hands, even the bath water was bloody looking. I said oh my… I started cleaning up.. and my mom banged on the door, saying if I am alright. I said I am fine.. I cleaned it up and went back out into the tent. As I sat down on my bed, I placed both hands to my head.. and started grunting, and started to scream alittle.. I didn’t want my brother to hear me screaming.. it was hurting so bad.

    I laid back down on the bed and just fell asleep. The tent was cold, the heater wasn’t going – I turned it on, and just fell asleep. All THESE MEMORIES STARTED TO FLOOD INTO MY MIND. Every single detail.. of every experience that was bizarre in nature… every single one of them, and ALL those which I suppressed over the years –

    I knew…

    I just knew then.. I died… and some how I came back to life…and I was taken…..

    Without saying anything more about this part, for personal reasons, I became what I am today. I have gotten better, out of the tent, into the motor home and finally a home of our own… with the knowledge gained by this, I was able to sit down and type a few clicks on the keyboard and all her medical debts vanished. It gave our finances back, and we were able to save up for a motor home, bought one, and lived in it for a year and half, then finally a house of our own. When we moved into the new house, I sold the motor home.

    I became “powerful” with this new profound knowledge. It is a LONG story of what happened to me when I was “gone for 3 days”… and that abduction in August 1995? .. I remember all of that too…. The aliens certainly didn’t like me. It was like a split personality that finally came together and bonded to what I am today.

    I am AN… can’t get any better than that.

    An, of course, would have ALL the knowledge of the Annunaki, their technologies, their culture, and every conceivable mystery of the ancient days and so forth. I woke up….

    With questions and questions, I cannot dispute this – I only accept it because the answers showed me absolute proof – and as a rule – EXPERIENCE OVERRIDES ALL BELIEFS. A few days later after my awakening, I tossed my favorite book of all time into the burning barrel in the back yard. The Bible. I knew then that I will live out my days as if history deemed it to be for my body, and again, with the knowledge that I have, I will put it to use – and try to share with others. You will have disbelief until you see or experience it with your own eyes.

    January 25th 2020, will be exactly 8 years of my awakening. Not bad for a 46 year old man huh.

    My last post for a while 😉

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