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    Just for the record, I am not the one that has made this contact and I am a follower of the YouTube channel for the person that releases their videos about that daily contact.

    Also, when I say direct contact it is as direct as the ETs have been authorised to be with us (i.e. via chat windows and typing using our internet and not any face-to-face contact).

    While I appreciate all that Rex does and his great content on his YouTube channel and website, there is far much more useful information in these videos (from the link below) in the communications that the ETs have provided directly to us as they are totally open about all aspects and can be asked any question and will only not answer it if there is some strategic reason why (ongoing missions in Earth’s orbit etc) or if it exceeds the information that us humans are meant to know in our current level of awakening/development.

    Please go ahead and check it out (there are also transcripts of the conversations now available for download for free from the website link below). The information is absolutely mind-blowing and is delivered in a very open and honest format. It is available in both English and Spanish (with more being available in Spanish than in English – as the ETs can speak both fluently since they are from a civilisation +850,000 years old) and are far more intelligent that humans (and more loving, compassionate and conscientious, while still having high-tech fighter ships on the motherships that they have had in orbit before – now only one mothership is there in Orbit just 50 miles beyond the orbit of the ISS).

    If you don’t follow these links it will be to your detriment since expanding the scope of your thoughts is one of the things you came to Earth (incarnated) in the first place to achieve. That expansion will also put you in good stead for the readiness you will need to come with what is coming (disclosure and all that).
    I know the information has definitely brought me to a much more expanded and informed place (about all things including the real history of Earth, Starseeds, what is a soul, what is time, who are the Cabal and negative forces on the planet and some of their nefarious intentions, and so much more).

    Cosmic Agency YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/CosmicAgency/playlists
    Cosmic Agency Website – https://swaruu.org/

    Pleiadean Knowledge YouTube Channel –

    I would love to see Rex one day soon have Gosia as a guest on his YouTube Channel (she has been on Coast-to-Coast already among others). It is always recommended to start the video watching at the beginning of the playlist since the material delivered builds on the knowledge already provided chronologically so it is easier to take on board the later material when the earlier material is already absorbed into your wealth of knowledge.

    Would love to hear what you have thought of this new topic or if you had visited any of the links in the past.

    Kind regards,
    Tony Straver
    (Gold Coast, Australia)

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