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    Let’s not get too over-hyped about the recent Q post. It’s not quite as simple as some are making it (“taking over the Rothschilds”), but it could be the beginning of the end of central banking (AND the income tax!). Here’s my take. Anyone who understands the system is welcome to add/dispute, but “it’s the jooos” is not a valid debate. So, here goes…

    An SPV is a “Special Purpose Vehicle.” It is some sort of legal entity (corporation, trust, LLC, etc.) that is used for a specific purpose. Nothing magical about it, just that it is a legal entity used for a special purpose.

    The Federal Reserve can print money out of nothing, but what can it do with that money? It can buy US gov’t guaranteed assets, such as treasury debt and mortgage-backed securities. Since the FR has never been audited (in any meaningful sense), it can also spend money however it wants, with no accountability. That is the REAL power of a central bank. Print money out of nothing, use that money to buy interest-bearing notes, and then spend the income from that interest however the hell you want — all with no accountability. Imagine what you could buy with unlimited income! What does the FR do with its expenses? Who are the “contractors” that siphon off the money? We don’t know, because it has NEVER been audited.

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