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    well I just got into another round of upgrades in my old bunker there is now 2 levels and going to go down another 20 feet into solid rock at 3100 feet. my plan is to have the deepest part have another layer of sealed lead in the ceiling to protect even more from gamma and electronic emp burst. and that’s where my radio communication center will be located. also 3 55 inch LCD screens to be installed and be able to view the outside perimeter for security. it’s been a long time in the making and I will be able to shelter about 25 people pretty easy. we started jack hammering out the next level and was able to get a large room in about 2 weeks with 7 guys working. I’m also in the works to fly out to Vivos x point bunkers because for 25 k i can get a bunker there and would be able to contain my helicopter which could be a huge asset for them for medical evacuations.
    and this is the place where Rex has a bunker can you just picture watching leak project live on inter bunker closed circuit TV? man get the pop corn out dude. or meet up at the bunker bar for a drink perhaps your favorite post apocalyptic drink. maybe another bunker will have a mini mall to buy those little things one needs to live a better bunker life. My primary interest in all of this is to create a good web of communication between other bunker complexes. perhaps we can help them or them us but the main thing is preparation mother nature is getting weird so we need to have a plan. most people have no plan even a fire drill. my family has a drill once a month to gather their own break out bag and meet at a certain location. only the strong survive and the weak fall by the wayside.

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    Nice. Looks like you have it setup great and a lovely companion to share it with! Impressive sir!

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