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    Hello Everyone, new here. Maybe see some of you next weekend at the CITD conference.

    I live in a small community in Arizona. We have washes near here and I collect rocks and quartz. I know this is going to sound unbelievable. I found a baseball sized piece of a really cool red granite or feldspar. The really flat side was where I saw this shadow begin to appear after I held it for a while. Yes a gray shadowy snaky shaped cloud started to appear inside that rock face. I watched it for a while and then it happened. A black goo started to come out of that flat rock side. This was the clean side with bright red fascia and none of this was there when I picked it up. I immediately found a place to leave it near a tree. I am pretty sure I can find it again, however after what I have read about black goo I am afraid to go near that rock. If anyone out there has experience with this stuff, let me know I would like to send it somewhere. The problem is if it can osmoss through Granite, how would you contain it. I am not making this up and it happened yesterday.

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