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    Who is Azael?

    Azazel is a name of one of the Archons in ancient cultures..even depicted as ‘angel’ in some religious texts. I have mentioned in previous articles about these so called ‘triplets’ who they were and so on. They have so many different names throughout recorded history and their associations about mankind. Believe it or not, He and his brothers are still alive today, as they are immortal through the use of their technological devices used.

    Unbelievable Story:

    The Archons have the ability to literally jump in human bodies and use them for whatever purpose they use. This is what makes it so hard to believe. I had my experience with them, Azazel made his presence known by commenting on Youtube and I keep encountering him in various comments throughout different sites.

    I just want you all to know that if you ever come into contact with this person Azazel – he is not who he says he is. I consider him to be a “demon” who is trying to stop me from spreading awareness across multiple websites. In the previous recent Leak Project video regarding the petroglyphs of the spiral, etc, he commented in a different language, indicating he would kill Rex and I should know better not to spread such awareness of ‘that nature’ to people. He called me a ‘cock’… I reported this comment to Youtube admin, and so did a few of my friends on here. I hope he gets his account banned.

    Azazel is malicious by nature, since he is an Archon, he uses “non host” bodies to access the internet. So, to spread awareness on this behalf, I want you to understand how to use WHITE NOISE. Human beings are naturally capable of using this “MENTAL POWER” against supernatural forces. Any one of us can use this mental weaponry, as it is so easy to use, that a 5 year old child can do it too. All you have to do is think of a old black/white television screen emitting that static noise. Imagine that static noise in your mind, is all it takes to understand it. Use this white noise against ANY supernatural force who or what is trying to encounter you. It only takes a few seconds to “add it to your mind” – that’s all it takes and it’s why our brains are so powerful.

    Archons of that nature kill people for a living for the purpose to stop spreading certain information which could awaken people; especially mankind – and they do it so well that people who have been killed, literally murdered, are considered by medical examiners as ‘natural causes’; ‘drug induced’; or ‘unknown cause which leads to ‘natural causes’.

    There are many things that most people are not aware of. Such things like “Hosts and Non Hosts” – things of that nature are so well hidden from the world. For example, I claim that I am a HOST of An, of the Annuna aka Annunaki.. because I am awakened and recognize myself as that persona. It doesn’t mean that I am AN completely, it only means that I am a part of it, aka a “split host”… A Host is a being that takes over human bodies at time of death, which ironically is exactly what happened to me. I froze to death in one harsh winter storm night while sleeping in a tent which that is a long story, which involved homelessness. In psychological terms, you could refer that as a DID, which is a psychological disorder — Dissociative identity disorder —

    As CRAZY as this may sound to you, this is REAL… a REAL disorder that is brought on by an possible traumatic state. I only have 1 persona and that is AN… or ANU of the so called Annunaki. Where I got that from? I don’t know.. I knew NOTHING about the Annunaki until after I supposedly “died” in January 2012. I suppose there are good reasons why I am having this experience – and from what I know, it’s my method of spreading awareness to the world.

    So yes, the ARCHONS will try EVERYTHING to STOP the awareness from waking up people. They have a lot of power and they can do this. One other aspect of the Archons is that they are closely TIED with the Emah (refer to my previous article of the Emah)—

    Believe it or not… I know it sounds nutty.. that I deserve to be lobotomized and stuck in a padded room to drool for the rest of my life. I just want you to know this- that’s all.

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