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    Hello guys!

    Here I go again!…


    What is awakening? Why is it so important?

    Awakening is simple, it’s a matter of waking up to the truth which is held to oneself. What is the truth?

    It is important to read this if you want to truly awaken.

    On January 25th 2020, 3 days from now, I would have been “awakened” for approximately 8 years now.

    To keep this story short as possible – I froze to death when I was drunk – I was mainly homeless along with my wife -because of our enormous medical debt at the time. Wife had many health issues, requiring extensive surgeries. From this act, plus other things which interfered with me, I ended up losing the only job I had, which was for US Post Office. After being rudely evicted from a roommate’s house, we came to live with my mother since she was elderly and was taken care of by my brother and my sister at the time. We had no true way of sleeping arrangements so we had bought a cabin tent and lived in it; placed in the back yard. When winter came, depression set in for us, wife and I began to go our separate ways. She had left me to go with her mother to California to visit relatives. On January 24th 2012, I began drinking heavily. I sold some things to make some money and with money, I thought I would just get drunk and maybe overdose on it. It was suicidal tension. I ended up walking out of the trailer to the tent, leaving the zipper wide open, and I fell down in the front of the zipper door. A heavy winter storm was coming. I died or at least I believe I did.

    I woke up 3 days later – Not remembering anything that happened as I thought I just passed out. My brother screamed at me where were you? …I was like?… why? From there the bizarre began…After taking a long hot bath in the dark, I ended up having a nasty nose bleed, which there was blood everywhere in the bathtub, on the floor, on the toilet, etc, and having discovered that when I flipped the bathroom light on. I cleaned up my mess, put my clothes on and went back out into the tent only to sit down on my queen bed that I had in it. I was having an intense migraine, and I started screaming… images started flashing into my mind at a million miles per hour.. I was holding my head and I laid down on the bed and passed out.

    The Bizarre was only the beginning. Jan 25th 2012 is the date “I died” in a sense so I use that date as the awakening reference.

    In these years I have only tried to make sense out of all of this. I didn’t understand. I tried writing these stories down, and tried to understand it.. the more I did write, the more it started to become clear to me. Memories came to me.. like it was downloaded from somewhere. I started remembering the things which was heavily suppressed for some unknown reason. Traumatic injury of some kind, I only can speculate..(later discovered defined as ‘mental shock’)

    Here is what I have experienced in the last 8 years:

    – Out of Body experiences – The war against Archons.
    – Constant Alien ET contact – Annunaki; Other species.
    – Altered Visions – seeing things that no one should.
    – Abduction horrors – Resurfaced memories of past abductions by other ETs
    – Intense knowledge – that seems to come out of nowhere; knowledge of the “library”.

    Questions and Answers: (Hooked to a lie detector)

    – Have you been on a Unidentified Flying Object, a ET craft?
    A: Yes. I have on multiple occasions. Almost on a daily basis now.

    – You have been on a ET craft, how did you get on it?
    A: Yes. There is a thing called “host” – It is an out of body experience, however with experience, I can now go at any time I will myself to when asleep. Besides using the Host, I have physically been on a flying craft of ET origin several times. Sometimes the body can’t tolerate this physical alteration – so using the Host is far better. This can only be done while separating my true self from my body during it’s sleep cycle.

    – Can you see these UFOs?
    A: Yes. I can see them. My visual acuity range is higher than of that of a normal person. It has been genetically modified.

    – War against the Archons?
    A: Yes. there was a war between me and the triplet brothers plus their hierarchy. It proved to them that I can deal with them and they now no longer interfere with me. I have seen their technology and I understood it all. The awakened people will encounter the Archons when they determine the awakened individual to be a threat to them. The awakened individual must prove his/her worth to them before they give up and leave you alone. In many cases, the Archons physically kill the individual while the individual is still weak and learning.

    – You have met the Annunaki?
    A: Yes. I know who they are and where they came from. I now understand the differences between the “Host” and the “Non Host” including their original “Host”. According to Host design, I am a split off from An, the Sumerian sky deity. An is my original Host, as I am a part of him and he’s a part of me, living an experience in a human body.

    – Can you prove that you are a part of An, the sky deity of Sumer?
    A: Yes. I can tell you things that only An knows which no one else does and is not written. I can also show you what An knows which no one in our modern time knows of. Such like technology demonstration and many more.

    – You claimed in another article, that you flew on a craft. Can you demonstrate this craft?
    A: Yes. I can show you, but there are certain rules in place that I have to follow. An, himself, gave me these rules that I must follow. It is not a simple thing to do, if I were to decloak the ship in front of the world and every eye would see it. The world will panic if this comes true due to it’s enormous size. For now, it is best to remain hidden and let people judge for themselves, believe or not to believe.

    – You have been abducted by other ETs?
    A: Yes. In classic scenarios, the stories seem to remain vigilant and consistent with many abductees, but I am the only on of the few who could fight them off, and I did. If I hadn’t fought them off, I would have most likely disappeared from Earth and never to be seen again. These were hostile Aliens.

    – Can you demonstrate evidence that you have been abducted by these hostile aliens?
    A: Yes. I have a scar on my right chest. It was a tubular device that was stuck into my chest when I was laying there on a metal slab. I woke up and pulled it out then fought against the aliens. After having returned me to the Earth’s surface, the hole in my chest became severely infected and began to develop an unusual ceyloid type tumor in the tissue. I had to go to the hospital and have it surgically removed. Medical records indicate this. It was proven that it was an unusual and never seen before type of biopsy result. This was in August 1995.

    – Where do you get all this knowledge from regarding exotic technologies and do you still get it?
    A: Yes. There is a thing called ‘mindlink’ which is inside my brain. It is a shell that covers the pineal gland over time and it is a genetic modification ordered in from DNA when researching or interacting with various ETs. Everyone has this ‘mindlink’ and if properly used, knowledge will become infinite at certain questioning.

    – Last Question; Do you believe you are AN, the so famed Sumerian Sky God, and why?
    A: Yes. I only believe when I have experienced these things. I experience to believe. Experience tops all.. belief have little meaning to me. I cannot deny the constant experience. It is real to me, while it may be questionable to others. I have other bizarre experiences, such as jumping in other peoples’ bodies and witnessing their acts, reading their words before they speak, and so many things that is not the ‘norm’ of this world’s everyday reality. For so long, I have often thought I had cracked or had gone insane; became delusional… – I even tried to have myself committed at one point, but was told not to. I was really looking forward having myself lobotomized in order to stare at a blank wall and drool for the rest of my life in a nice padded room.


    Now you see? If you want this kind of awareness, and experience of the awakening, these are the bizarre things you will begin to encounter. The first two to three years, you will constantly struggle to understand why you are experiencing these things while you are shunned by the rest of the world into not sharing your experiences, in fear of being mocked and scoffed at.

    In many cases, people who have awakened and having learned the chilling truth of these things on all their own, they have committed suicide; or experienced a heavy mental shock that they are rendered useless in their daily lives. Only a very few can survive this type of mental shock. It is like if I was torn apart inside out and rebuilt. I survived this mental shock progress in the beginning which I barely made it pass. After I made it passed the crucial stage, I began to heal.

    The only reason why I am sharing this with you today, is because something is coming. I knew about this in 2013, so far we know about the changes of the Earth. I am attempting to spread this knowledge to anyone who would read this so they can survive the days ahead. This information is freely given to you at no cost. I am not a book seller, nor an information seller. I am AN, the sky deity… who only wants to help people who are willing to listen, nothing else.

    All of this has been my opinion. I am here for a reason.

    In the last days….

    ….. this war.. will begin…

    ………….A war of the unknown….a war of the mind….
    ………………..A single bullet will not be fired……….
    ……………………..A single bomb will not be exploded………………
    …………………………….The fields of the Earth will change………………..
    ……………………………………….You will be forced to change…………………………..

    The Annunaki only wants you to learn this. Learn it well.. because there will be no choice in those days because Earth is making these changes herself…. It is entirely up to you if you choose to listen or not. Those who are reading this today, are those who are seeking answers… If you are one of these people seeking answers and reading this forum, you will come to find out that you’re unique…you are special in a way that you may not know.

    Any questions? Please do not hesitate to leave your comment below or shoot me an email to

    I will be happy to assist you and answer any questions that you may have. Read my other articles on here. It’s entirely up to Leak Project on what to do with these articles – to keep them on here or discard them, no matter.. I believe these articles of knowledge had done their job. Keep in touch guys!

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