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    Gerald responded that the only meaningful explanation for the bracelet, cone, and minibag is what the alien mentality told O’Donnell. Aryl said: They were looking for the exploration party members that were lost into this world’s trap matrix. I concur that this explanation seems logical. Other places I see the bracelet and center of the tower/tree is the american natives hammered or carved blossoms in jewelry OR the Exodus almond blossoms (almond today- I thought it was pomegranate blossoms)

    I have a list of commentary notes after watching this O’Donnell interview, if anyone would like to explore and debate- please reply.

    Here are two- (1) are these exploration crew members the fallen or watchers (2) why did it take millennia for Aryl to find her as Nurse O’Donnell- if they have been looking that long with tech to help find her frequency.

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