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    The Latest News & Information in reference to Antarctica. One of the most mysterious and fascinating Continents on the Planet. New Discoveries are uncovered almost daily now.

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    Massive Hole Opens in Antarctica, Size of Lake Superior & 100 New Volcanos Discovered

    Worlds Largest Volcanic Range may lurk beneath the ice in Antarctica
    West Antarctica’s vast ice sheet conceals what may be the largest volcanic region on Earth, new research has revealed
    -Almost 100 newly discovered volcanos ranging in size from 300’ to 11,550’ an being as tall as the Eiger in Switzerland.

    Researchers from the University of Edinburgh analyzed data of the underside of the ice sheet for hidden peaks of basalt rock, similar to those of other volcanos in the region.

    Using ice penetrating radar and geological information, satellite data and imagery, scientists discovered 91 previously unknown volcanos.

    According to the article, the data does not show if the Volcanos are active and i think that is ridiculous. There is plenty of information to show that there are active volcanos under the ice, because look at the overwhelming evidence. Like the massive hole that formed inside the ice sheet in Waddel Lake that hasn’t happened in 40 years. If the Volcanos do cause the ice sheets to melt, all the chemtrails in the world aren’t going to help keep the planet cool enough to prevent the sea levels from rising 200′

    Life in Antarctica 250 Million Years Ago Was Extremely Resilient

    1.Also a publication from the Sydney Morning Herald Titled “Civilization discovered in Antarctica” From Marth 3rd 1962.
    I then went into the archives of the Sydney Herald and discovered “115” Articles from 1962-63 in reference to Antarctica
    Here are a few headlines

    -Antarctica Springboard to Space, January 18, 1958
    “At Mirny, in Antarctica, 2,200 miles south of Western Australia, Russian scientists this year will launch at least 30 rockets into the upper atmosphere”

    -Antarctic Expedition, November 26 1963 “Russian Scientists travel about 1900 miles into the Antarctic”

    -Air Tours to Antarctic, September 09 1963 “The first commercial proving flight has already been made to Antarctica and it is only a matter of time before the start of regular civil air routes across the South Pole regions

    -Disputes in Antarctica, August 16 1962 “Conference at the University of Western Australia on the problems of selecting men for Antarctica”

    -Air Maps of Antarctica, September 07 1962 “Flying in Antarctica has proven extremely difficult, mainly because of the extreme cold

    -US Builds a nuclear power station in Antarctica, February 28 1962

    -The Earth is moving again towards an ice age, October 13, 1956 “The Earth is moving once again towards an ice age, according to American scientists, when massive glaciers grind slowly towards the equator, carrying cities and civilizations before them.”

    -The signing of the 12 nation Antarctica Treaty on December 1, 1959 “was hailed at the time as the first encouraging result of the era of negotiation which appeared to have begun the meeting with Mr Eisenhower and Mr Khrushchev at camp david”

    -A New Look at the History of the Human Race, December 21 1963
    “From a series of partial or whole skulls, molars, incisors, _^nandibles, thigh-bones and other remains, scattered over some 300 sites on every continent except Antarctica, he has endeavored to reconstruct the history of the human Genesis.”

    List of Links

    Massive Hole Opens in Antarctica, Size of Lake Superior & 100 New Volcanos Discovered
    Huge Hole In Antarctica Discovered, The Size of the State of Maine
    Map of Antarctica
    Larsen Ice Shelf
    Locations of New Volcanos Discovered in Antarctica
    Archives of Australian News, Sydney Herald, -Excellent Resource for historical data
    Worlds Largest Volcanic Range may lurk beneath the ice in Antarctica
    West Antarctica’s vast ice sheet conceals what may be the largest volcanic region on Earth, new research has revealed
    Almost 100 newly discovered volcanos ranging in size from 300’ to 11,550’ an being as tall as the Eiger in Switzerland.

    Be the Change You Want to See!

    Sky Captain
    Sky Captain
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    I have been actively researching Antarctica for years from when Admiral Bird went there with a fleet to investigate reports of German u boat ports and strange objects in the sky. rumored to have a secret underground base. there have been people that have spoke on this with a great deal of info like Steve Quail also Corey good who tells of a visit there and seeing underground alien structures and huge city’s.

    Robert M Ritter

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    I had a friend that went to the Antarctic last winter, with the military. He told us when he got back he’d tell us whatever it is he sees there, whatever the big mystery was. He had a mutual friend that he was going to give the info to, and that mutual friend was going to go public with it. Our friend came back with a brain full of cancer, multiple strokes, couldn’t speak and recently passed away. Our mutual friend, also passed away while surfing the Internet just a few weeks ago, sudden massive heart attack they say.

    So now, we’ll never know. Bums me out. Coincidence or something to it?

    Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. - rumi

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    Sad story, OutBeyond. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope I live to see the day when things start to openly be found and recovered from beneath the ice there…. I can only imagine what is hidden by the ice…. Wonder if one of those volcanoes will erupt soon, spewing forth ancient relics with the lava.

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    This was an experiment

    Nizz SkyWalker
    Nizz SkyWalker
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    Part 1:

    It wasn’t supposed to end up this way. I was sure my research would guide me in a different direction. This and what this piece of writing has become was not expected. In this writing I am going to offer you knowledge that I have concluded based off of connections that I have made within along with connections to our planet. I have a lot of research references, so I will be listing those sources at the end of this writing of mine. I felt that the pauses and breaks in the literature that had references were distracting and didn’t help the flow of what I was trying to say. So, I took them out and re-wrote this to flow better. Instead of giving you a bunch of background information before getting to my point, I’m going to start with my point, give my supporting reasons why, and wrap it up with a conclusion. Hope you enjoy!

    Let’s start with Antarctica! That’s what this is all about, right? Well, according to my research (both within and out) I have discovered that Antarctica is where Hel is accessed. Not Hell but Hel. Here is a definition to show you what I mean by this:

    Hel: I study the runes so in Norse Mythology, Hel or Underworld is where all the knowledge of our ancestors are! According to this mythology, it is not necessarily a place of torment, but a place of attaining sacred knowledge, a place to live on at a different capacity, work out karma, and decide where and how to move on from there . The underworld is where Odin hung for 9 nights in order to obtain the power of the runes and the ability to share this knowledge and abilities through the runes. Hel is a powerful place where power can be obtained for either good or evil. This realm does not discriminate as it embraces the fact that good and bad are part of this paradigm we reside in and as both good and bad teach great lessons and aid in our evolution!

    Now, I am going to take this even further. Throughout this writing, I am going to make connections to the human body systems/chakra systems to the Earth. My point is, I want you to see how our planet is a living being that works off the same systems as we do. Our base (root) chakra is where we can tap into the memories of our ancestors. The DNA that carries these memories can be accessed in this realm or chakra! With the overwhelming evidence that is shown in the articles and information provided by Leak Project, it is easy to conclude that the ancestry of the planet resides beneath the ice of the Antarctic! I am going to reference the runes again so that I can make another point. In case you are wondering, I was drawn to the Older Futhark runes that contain 24. There are Younger Futhark runes that contain 33…I am beginning to wonder if I should look into the 33 as well because that number screams to me! I will get to that later. So, I have attached a photo called Exhibit A1. If you take a look at it, it shows how the 9 invertible runes that correspond with the 9 realms overlay. At the bottom you see an I. That rune stands for Isa. Isa means ice/stillness/anti matter. It is the realm of ice and cold. When you look up from there you see a rune that looks like a N. That stands for the rune Hagalaz which in turn represents Hel. So, you see, Antarctica is quite the hot spot for many reasons! There is knowledge and power beneath that ice! Now it’s time to address what I think about the ozone, what I think it really is, and what I think is really going on with Earth. I will reference this picture (Exhibit A1) as I go.

    First, I would like to point out that if you Google; when was the hole in the ozone discovered? Your answer will be that it was first reported in May 1985. I believe that they know this hole was there long before it was reported. In fact, I believe that this hole has been there the whole time! There are 2 important events that took place in 1974. There was an article published in Nature explaining; “M.J.Molina and F.S.Rowland published a laboratory study demonstrating the ability of CFC’s to catalytically breakdown Ozone in the presence of high frequency UV light. Further studies estimated that the ozone layer would be depleted by CFC’s by about 7% within 60yrs and based on such studies the US banned CFC’s in aerosol sprays in 1978. Slowly various nations agreed to ban CFC’s in aerosols but industry fought the banning of valuable CFC’s in other applications”

    With this information, I cannot help but ask myself, how did they know this but not know there was a hole in the ozone? To top it off, the SkyLab 4 which departed on November 16, 1973, returned February 8, 1974…and they’re saying that they didn’t know then? I guess it was a rookie mission and perhaps that sort of imaging wasn’t available. What astounds me is the fact that images can be pulled up from 1980 showing the hole in the ozone. Anyhow, I believe the hole has always been there and it’s supposed to be there! There is a hole in the ozone at the North Pole as well, but it’s not as large or worrisome. I see them as celestial openings! These openings allow the Earth to download its upgrades and access the universe, just as we have the capability of doing!

    With all that being said, I’m not saying that we’re not making the hole worse! Just like what was explained above with the CFC’s, we are the ones speeding up this process. Also, the aerosol injections into the sky, I believe, are not only meant to suppress us, but our planet as well!

    Now, there is another important event that took place in Antarctica in 1974 as well! A Polynya opened up.
    Polynya: “Polynyas are areas of open water that form in the Arctic and Southern oceans where you would expect there to be ice cover. They occur frequently near the shore of Antarctica, where winter winds move ice away from the coast. In contrast, the Weddell polynya is a less-common “open-ocean” type that forms farther offshore, driven by the upwelling of warm water.”

    Although, polynyas are not fully understood because the weather conditions make it difficult for investigative research to be done, October 11, 2017, Business Insider published an article about this and explained how data was extracted via robotic means and that data is now being analyzed. I’m excited to see what it shows! This article also explains how scientists are theorizing that this Weddell Polynya seems to open up about every 40 years. Has anyone else noticed how economics change every 40 years, political and public opinions change about every 40 years, 40 weeks is the average gestation time for humans before birth, the great flood in Genesis was for 40 days and 40 nights…I could go on and on, but my point is, 40 is an important number!

    I cannot seem to be able to articulate into words what I believe is happening, but the bottom line is, I think it involves changes and upgrades that are happening to the planet…and this is happening collectively, because we are all connected whether we realize it or not! Now there is something else I want to explain that may help you to see what I’m seeing in regards to these shifts or changes I just described.
    You know about the 12 vortices around the world, right? The Bermuda triangle is one of them. I have attached a picture called (12 Vortices) that shows how each one is laid out across the planet! Do you see how they lay out like a perfect grid that acts as a belt around the Earth, but does not extend to the North and South poles? There is an article that I came across about the 12 electromagnetic fields on the human consciousness. It goes on to explain how these electromagnetic fields affect the global consciousness! (Now, I believe that there is a lot more to this, but I’m going to talk about what I found that’s directly relevant to this specific topic. These 12 vortices are a lot more than what I talk about here) Anyhow, studies found that when psychic, telekinesis, and astral work was heightened in the North and South Pole regions. It is more so tested in the North Pole. They concluded that this grid created by these 12 electromagnetic fields actually hinder heightened consciousness activities. One can wonder…Are these fields put there purposely…is this by design? The article also talks about how these electromagnetic fields are actually decreasing in intensity which is paving way for heightened human consciousness. Now it makes sense that others are talking about receiving upgrades and are now able to tap into more than before. To me, this shows that the Earth along with everything on and in it, are literally moving towards an awakening. It sure seems as though this awakening is going to happen whether we like it or not. Here is the problem, our planet has been suppressed, and we have been suppressed, what’s going to happen when our minds and bodies open up to this?

    This would be a good opportunity for me to explain that what has been put into us/done to us physically, along with the paradigms we are made to believe from birth, is going to hinder this awakening greatly! This includes the Earth! You see, the Earths divine self…some call her Gaia is aware of what is happening and we can tap into the divine frequency of the Earth. Just as we can with our own higher selves. But, even though that is possible, the 3D Earth is just as clueless as our 3D earthly bodies to some degree. If we are co-creating and co-existing, then it would make sense to think that since the majority of humanity does not understand what is going on, the physical Earth is just as fearful and clueless as well! As people start waking up they are going to fear that there is an illness that they are sick, that they are being psychically attacked, demons are attacking them, etc. Basically, everyone is going to freak out about it and their bodies are going to react accordingly. Compare that to Earth, now does it make more sense why such cataclysmic events happen right before the Earth resets? The Earth is naturally reacting to the confusing and unknown changes that should rather be embraced by the collective to infuse an evolution that takes us out of this 3D dimension and opens up all possibilities. Instead, history has shown us that we never learn our lesson and allow the fear to be the deciding factor on that reset button!

    I am still doing research on this, but I think it’s important for us to be aware that the Earth has reset many times! My guess is this is the Earth’s 33rd incarnation, but that is also something that I’m still trying to fully connect dots with and understand before I share that with others. I am not confident on that yet. What I would like to talk about is how we can tap into the records of these incarnations through the DNA. Here is the best way I know how to explain it. The Earth carries a rewritten DNA code that inhabits all of our ancestors from all of the incarnations. Everything dies on the Earth, becomes part of it, and evolves with it! Every living being’s DNA codes are integrated and rewritten, just as we are when we are re-born. See, here is my opinion on that. We carry that data within our own DNA and we can access even further than that by accessing the records of the Earth in a celestial way! Why do I think this? Because our body is made up of the same elements as Earth. Celestially, we can tap into these elements and frequencies to access those records in some shape or form…but, we are all connected and this goes beyond…into the universe and beyond that! The problem is, with where we are located on Earth, the frequencies that affect us along with everything else hinders this process. It makes it extremely difficult and almost impossible to do! So, with everything that I described, where do you think physical records of this can be accessed? Antarctica! The sacred knowledge and most ancient history are located beneath the ice of Antarctica!

    I have decided that for this time around, I am going to stop here! I have more information to talk about in regards to the 33 incarnations, the Earth’s chakra system, access points on the globe, and how the realms are part of the matrix, but, I realize now that it is too much at 1 time and it will take too long. I will post the rest as I get it written.

    Before I go, I would like to go over the picture called Exhibit A1. At the top, you see the rune Sowilo. It represents the sun and the runes explain how the sun is in fact an access point or portal to the rest of the heavens. This is the realm Muspelheim which is fire and the cosmic force that collided with Isa/Ice/antimatter to create our solar system! Beneath that is an X rune. That stands for Gebo. He is the giver of gifts, one of the keepers of the Asgard, and it is through him that Odin communicates with chosen ones. To the left of Gebo is Dagaz. Dagaz is the rune of harmony/happiness/joy/cosmic consciousness. Below Dagaz is Nathiz which stands for necessity/practical matters and time. To the right and in the center is Jera which stands for abundance/seasons/harvest. The diamond shape to the upper right of this is Inguz who is the male energy for protection, strength, and balance. It also stands for reconnecting the body and mind to Earth. Below that is Eihwaz which is the rune of trials, tribulations, and rebirth. Each of these runes is associated with 1 of the 9 realms. In another post, I am going to address how I think these 9 realms overlay and create a matrix over the Earth. Well, you can already clearly see it by looking at the picture, right? Anyhow, trust me; it goes way deeper than this!!!

    The bottom line to this specific message though, is our minds and bodies are changing! We are going through a shift whether we like it or not! The Earth is experiencing this as well. I think that as long as we learn how to embrace these changes with love and compassion, we can’t go wrong! Also, as long as we learn how to embrace these upgrades and heightened consciousness with love, compassion and knowledge of what is happening, we will be able to tap into and create the Earth we deserve to live on! The answers and solutions will come to us as we learn and grow together! We shouldn’t be scared, or the Earth will be scared too. Well, the 3D version that is…
    These upgrades can also be scary at times like I described above. Don’t fear this. I will also be writing a section about what exactly I think these upgrades are and how to handle them so people don’t freak out or think that they are sick!

    That’s all for now! Thank you for reading! I will list my sources below… Catch you on the flip!


    The 12 Electromagnetic Vortices on Human Consciousness

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