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    Hello Everyone!

    Here’s the youtube link to my newest video I made on the Anku Amulet..

    You will find it very fascinating, I believe. Have you ever seen anything like this?

    If you have seen something like this, PLEASE let me know.. I am more fascinated in finding further evidence into where exactly this amulet originated from, instead of relying on conventional folklore from my family.

    I’ve used a USB Digital Microscope which magnifies to 1000X, is shown in the beginning of the video. I am now using a rubber type container which is apparently designed for holding a hearing aid device. I thought that would be a perfect fit for the amulet. The box which the amulet was in, deteriorated and fell apart. I had to throw it away.

    I call it ‘amulet’ because this is what it was made for, to protect women, as ‘protection of the gods’.

    The surface “Quano” technology – is visible. Underneath that, I would need to use a powerful electron microscope. This type of technology should always be kept in mind when you are out gathering various artifacts. You should look at them with a microscope.

    If you are a scientist, please look at this carefully as I hope this would spread more knowledge about various artifacts, if not eroded/weathered, may have this technology embedded in them.

    I call it “Quano” which represents Quantum with Nanometer. Nano technology, itself, if configured correctly, can literally adhere to quantum states and it would become smaller once refined.

    The size of the original Quano would be about the same size as a picometer, which is 100 times smaller than nanometer. It would be required to use an powerful electron scope to determine this.

    I have decided to focus more on gaining evidence to show that these things are real and are not a hoax.

    Enjoy the short video! If you need me to do more still shots using the same microscope, let me know!

    Any questions? You can always email me at

    (I hope the uploaded GIFs would run on here – if not, oh well – just to give you an idea..of how it
    would’ve been made.)

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    Update — Quano Technology – Theory of how it is designed. Keep in mind, I could very well be wrong about this. I am no quantum scientist. This technology is derived from the analysis of above Anku Amulet. Yes, this is REAL.. very REAL..

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