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    I was just interacting with users that watched a recent show that Rex did on the fires and global events and was amazed at how many people really don’t get it and switch into full deniability mode when it comes to what is happening with the land water and air.
    I love the fact that Rex has a link to the emergency food and have to marvel at how some people get stupid with their comments to Rex about turning this into all about the money advertising the food and products. these are the lost sheep of the herd they will never understand what people like Rex is doing with his platform.
    He is trying to educate people stuck into this weird level Duh I Don’t know. sorry I got upset when I read what people were posting. man they have been so dumb ed down it’s really a shame. good thing there are people with real working brains out there because the ones that are broken anyways that’s my 2 cents hey Rex man you are awesome dude

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