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    260 Million Year Old Fossils Discovered in Antarctica Rewrites History Again.

    Erik Gulbranson, paleoecologist and assistant professor at UWM traveled to Antarctica from Late November thru January and brought back fossil fragments of 13 trees in the McIntyre Promontorys Frozen Slopes in the Transantarctic Mountains.

    The fossils are over 260 million years old, which means the forest grew at the end of the Permian Period before the dinosaurs.The Permian Period ended 251 million years ago in history’s greatest mass extinction, as the Earth rapidly shifted from icehouse to greenhouse conditions. Over 90 percent of species on Earth disappeared, including the polar forests. Because the Antarctic forests grew at polar latitudes where plants can’t grow today, Gulbranson believes that the trees were an extremely hearty species and is trying to determine why they went extinct.

    There are many scientists today that believe the massive increase in the atmospheric greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane were the main culprits that caused the Permian Triassic extinction.
    The release of those elements, scientists believe were from several volcanic eruptions in Siberia releasing tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that lasted about 200,000 years.

    When Antarctica was warm and lush, it was apart of a Super continent called Gondwana spanning the southern hemisphere that also included the present day South America, India, Australia, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The forests then might have been a smaller assortment of foliage. Each plant type would have a specific function in the environment making them highly resilient and capable of survival.

    “This plant group must have been capable of surviving and thriving in a variety of environments,” Gulbranson said. “It’s extremely rare, even today, for a group to appear across nearly an entire hemisphere of the globe.”

    The Plants and Trees could withstand extreme light and weather and even activate growing cycles on and off like a light switch. The ability to force themselves into a dormant state during certain weather conditions and lack of light.

    What was civilization like on Earth 300 million years ago? Did people walk with the Dinosaurs, where there Giants, Dinosaurs, Orcs, Elves and other fascinating and mysterious creatures that have been talked about in folklore as far back as history presents itself?

    If there were Civilizations that thrived in Antarctica Hundreds of Millions of Years Ago, would any of their remains be salvageable? Are their highly advanced technologies and scientific breakthroughs waiting to be discovered?

    How much have we already found out there under the Ice and is that the reason why so many high ranking officials, politicians and business tycoons traveled to Antarctica earlier this year and last?

    Do you believe the official story of Volcanic Eruptions being the “ELE” ? – Look at Gondwana again
    If it was from Volcanos how do we learn from the past and prevent the same fate?

    I think the possibilities are fascinating and what would be even more incredible is if people outside of the “Few in the Know” that genuinely want to know the truth of whats there, had that opportunity.

    If TPTB discover healing capabilities, technologies of abundant free energy, communication devices, transportation devices that would make our current forms obsolete, will they release them to the public, or keep it for themselves and their own agendas?

    Do you believe the headlines, alternative media and supposed experts that claim they have found Frozen Civilizations under the ice in Antarctica ? There probably is some truth to the hype. How much is to be speculated until further confirmation and evidence presents itself.

    Here is what i find even more fascinating. A civilization that thrived in a completely different environment almost 300 million years ago, would change the fabric of reality that so many people around the world have been fed to believe most people still would not accept or believe it because of shock.

    Maybe that is why the world is this way? Most people literally can’t handle the truth. This is opinion, speculation and prediction on my part, combined with the scientific data available that i’ve had the opportunity to research.

    If there is a highly advanced Civilization under the Ice in Antarctica, how much of it has been discovered and who gets the treasure?

    Transatlantic Mountains

    Gondwana Supercontinent

    Question Everything.
    Be the change you want to see!

    Be the Change You Want to See!

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