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    2,000 Year Old Mummy Injected into Particle Accelerator

    These Accelerators remind me of a Giant Tesla Box – Massive defibrillator systems. Lets look at the possibilities.
    1.This technology can see in great detail the structure of the body and everything wrapped around it. Allowing for a network of information that might allow for cloning.
    2.Can the DNA of the deceased body be reactivated? This system would allow for unparalleled accuracy of the biological makeup of the body that was mummified.
    3.What if the accelerator could actually send a signal thru a time-space portal back to the child 1800 years ago.
    4.Why were the Aristocratic bloodlines of Egypt, Rome and other Empires so obsessed with mummifying the body.
    5.Brain thru nose cavity, how did they do it, with such accuracy thousands of years ago and why?
    6.Book of the Dead is a highly complex, occult science grimoire, that holds extremely powerful keys that unlock doors on the other side.

    There are approximately 100 Mummies around the World and this one is that of a little girl estimated to be 5 years old. They are wrapped in extremely lifelike paintings of the deceased placed directly over their face

    The Argonne National Laboratory will be used for an X-ray scattering experiment – This will be the first study of its kind on a human mummy.

    “This is a unique experiment, a 3-D puzzle,” said Stuart R. Stock, research professor of cell and molecular biology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, who led the synchrotron experiment, in a statement. “We have some preliminary findings about the various materials, but it will take days before we tighten down the precise answers to our questions. We have confirmed that the shards in the brain cavity are likely solidified pitch, not a crystalline material.”

    Using an Advanced Photon Source accelerator the Science Team will be looking at the structures of minerals and elements and not disturb the wrappings of the mummy.

    The way it works in simple terms is as follows, bones contain high densities of nanocrystal, the arrangements of the atoms within the nanocrystal scatter X-rays in different directions that reveal specific information about the structure.

    Accelerator Systems Division
    The Accelerator Systems Division provides best-in-class operation, maintenance and upgrade of the Advanced Photon Source accelerators and support users in doing outstanding science in a safe environment.
    The APS accelerator complex consists of the 7-GeV, 1.1-km storage ring operating with a 100-mA electron beam; the full-energy booster synchrotron; the 400-MeV particle accumulator ring; the 400-MeV pulsed linac; and the S-band rf thermionic electron gun.

    Researchers Unraveling Mummy Mysteries with Powerful APS X-rays

    Inside of the research building at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory, scientists, researchers and art curators assembled Monday to unravel the mysteries of a near 2000 year old mummy. The ancient Roman-Egyptian linen-wrapped remains of a 5-year-old girl, including an embedded portrait, were unearthed in Hawara, Egypt, in 1911. The mummy, about 1,800 years old and weighing 50 pounds, is from the collection of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary on the Northwestern University campus. Northwestern researchers have been piecing together her story.

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