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I think you might have a good point. I actually like to entertain the idea that all these radio waves and all the other frequencies we’re chucking in to the atmosphere effect humans and all the other life on this planet too. Everything is vibrations at the end of the day, what if a lot of these frequencies, microwaves and other things, like wifi and bluetooth, are actually damaging to all life on this planet? I’d go further and theorise that if this is true then the people responsible know and either don’t care, or are doing it on purpose to lower the whole vibrational frequency of all life on this planet. I don’t have any facts or evidence, I’m merely theorising, but I think this could be a good discussion, especially if anyone does have any evidence, or can point us towards any evidence?

"Pounding, screeching dissonance, this is not music!" -Wharf from Star Trek TNG

"Believe in none of what you hear and only half of what you see." -Richard D Hall